Sanborns Group Restaurant

Where are Sanborns Group Restaurants located?

Sanborns Group Restaurant

Sanborns Group restaurant is a chain of Mexican department stores and coffee shops. As a chain of cafeterias, it specializes in Mexican food. The company’s headquarters are located in Mexico City. The coffee shop franchise is open from Monday to Sunday from seven in the morning to seven at night. The chain is known for its excellent breakfasts and fast and attentive service; it operates electronic products, jewelry, watches, and fine traditional Mexican and foreign handicrafts. Despite this, the company does not neglect its representation in Mexican cuisine. The Sanborns Group has become an essential reference in the food of this beautiful country.

Who is the owner of Sanborns?

Sanborns Group Restaurant History

On June 19, 1903, it was founded as a small drugstore in Mexico City by Walter and Frank Sanborn. Little by little, they spread in the market, installing the first soda fountain in the country’s capital. The success led them to open three branches in Mexico City and one in the city of Tampico. On October 11, 1919, Frank Sanborns closed the three small branches to move to a better place, the famous Casa de Los Azulejos.

In those days, the Casa de Los Azulejos was considered the most elegant restaurant and store in Mexico. The Pharmacy entrance is decorated with a mural entitled “Omniciencia” by the painter and muralist José Clemente Orozco. In 1985, the company was acquired by Grupo Carso. Sanborns currently has 190 branches in Mexico. The Sanborn Group corporation is dedicated to multiple industries and within these is gastronomy. A subdivision called “Sanborns Café” only operates the cafeteria.

The Sanborns Group cafeteria chain is characterized by simple and sophisticated decoration. The walls of the establishment have neutral colors with colorful decorative objects. The furniture is made of wood and wicker, and the porcelain tableware gives the place a traditional touch. The restaurant employees dress in conventional uniforms, combined with white, green, and red. In each Grupo Sanborns cafeteria, you and your family will always receive a smile. The company’s success is so great that despite the competition, its establishment remains one of the favorites.

Sanborns Group Restaurant Menu

The restaurant’s menu specializes in traditional Mexican food. All the recipes on the menu are prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients. Among the dishes on its menu are soups, enchiladas, tacos, burritos, and salads. The restaurant also offers a large variety of meat and seafood dishes. The most popular dishes are their Swiss enchiladas and the Chilaquiles Sanborns. The group’s Swiss enchiladas contain corn tortillas stuffed with chicken, topped with green sauce, and au gratin with Manchego cheese.
On the other hand, the Chilaquiles Sanborns have chicken with green or red sauce, gratin cheese, and refried beans. It is essential to mention that the restaurant stands out for its excellent breakfasts.

Sanborn’s breakfasts are nutritious, thanks to their juices and extensive egg recipes. The restaurant also has a children’s menu with the same dishes but in a smaller proportion and without spicy. The dessert menu offers traditional dishes such as flan, rice pudding, and sophisticated dishes such as strawberry cheesecake. In the case of drinks, they provide from traditional to imported. The most outstanding drink is its famous Café Sanborns.

Menu – Prices

Unlike other sophisticated chains, Grupo Sanborns has maintained good service and good value for money. The branch’s objective is to keep its name as one of the best options for the Mexican family. Grupo Sanborn’s prices range between fifty and two hundred Mexican pesos. In addition, Sanborns offers different promotions, such as the classic happy hour. Sanborn’s happy hour is from two to three in the afternoon or seven to eight at night. At this time, you can find most dishes at half price. Other group offers include two-for-one plus student discounts. A restaurant is also an excellent option for people allergic to gluten or vegetarians. This is because many of their recipes are vegetarian.


Finally, you should note that Grupo Sanborns has become an essential representation of Mexican gastronomy. Mainly thanks to its traditional recipes and cooking methods that preserve part of the history of Mexican cuisine. The delicious food, decoration, and excellent service make the visit to the establishment unforgettable. This establishment is your best option if you want to spend time surrounded by good food with friends and family.

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