8 Delicious Mexican Desserts

Indeed, we all know that Mexican desserts are exquisite. We would all like to try them at some point in our lives since Mexican cuisine is one of the most complex and delicious in the world. We know many desserts, but others are not so much. Below is the list of 8 delicious and easy Mexican desserts.

Delicious Mexican Desserts – Easy Mexican Desserts:

1- Three Leches Cake

Three Leches Cake

No celebration is complete without a piece of this sweet and moist “tres leches” cake. This type of cake needs time to absorb the sweet milk. When it does, it’s almost juicy as well as delicious. Combined with ultra-creamy topping vanilla, it’s a winner for feeding a large crowd. For an extra kick, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of the whipped cream before serving.

2- Coconut Flan

Coconut Flan

The slippery, silky, savory flan is an understandably epic finish. When the dessert is dipped in caramel, it boosts rum and coconut, resulting in a tropical flavor. We can serve it after a pork shoulder tamale or a treat after a light meal of Mexican chicken salad and black bean soup; you’ll be downright ecstatic.

3- Cinnamon Tortilla Treats

Cinnamon Tortilla Treats

These delicious bites are exquisite in a shared meal among friends or family. They are so good that you are left wanting to eat them again. They’re quick to prepare, easy to eat and enjoy as snacks, eliminating the need for other dishes and cleaning up afterward.

Authentic Mexican Desserts

4- Fried Ice Cream

Fried Ice Cream

Have you ever tried fried ice cream? With this delicious dessert, you will enjoy a crunchy sensation; this will be the time to enjoy a ball of creamy luxury, especially when drizzled with Kahlúa cream sauce. You need to plan for this one, though, as it takes about four hours to properly freeze ice cream in a blast chiller. It’s also critical that the oil is hot enough to quickly fry the outside of the ice cream without melting the inside.

5- Churros

Churros, Mexican Desserts

Churros are a trendy dessert. Churros with chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla are a faithful companion to hot coffee, milk, or tea. They are loved, especially at breakfasts and snacks mixed with outside sugar and cinnamon.

6- Plantain Foster

Plantain Foster, Mexican Desserts

Inspired by Bananas Foster, created at Brennan’s in New Orleans, this delicious dish is traditionally flambéed tableside and always served over vanilla ice cream. It is also a delightful filling for pancakes. Here, allspice and nutmeg join the classic inclusion of cinnamon for a fuller but indeed boozy finish that will serve you just as well for date night.

7- Strawberry Paletas

Strawberry Paletas, Mexican Desserts

What better than an ice cream popsicle for summer! Also, strawberry palettes are trendy desserts in Mexico. They are delicious and refreshing; you can stir and make them anytime. However, you’ll need to invest in two dozen (2-ounce) popsicle molds to make each batch, so plan.

8- Margarita Cheesecake: Delicious Mexican Desserts

Margarita Cheesecake, Mexican Desserts

The cheesecake margarita is a decadent dessert that features all the flavors of your favorite cocktail, a cookie crumb base, and a tangy cheesecake filling. Besides the beauty, it is easy to prepare and ready for your guests to enjoy.

So I want to end by inviting you all to try some of these delicacies. It will be a wonderful experience.

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