Rosa’s Cafe

Rosa's Cafe

Rosa’s Cafe is a restaurant chain in West Texas specializing in Mexican food. The restaurant is known for its bright colors and excellent breakfasts, and it is also a restaurant with a great family atmosphere and dedicated and enthusiastic service.

Rosa’s Cafe Hours

The restaurant opens every day from half past six in the morning to ten at night. The establishment competes with other chains thanks to its hours and fresh and organic ingredients. Currently, Rosa’s Cafe can be considered an authentic experience of Mexican gastronomy.

History of Rosa’s Cafe

Rosa’s Cafe was founded in 1983 in San Angelo, Texas. The goal is to be an informal, fast and exclusive restaurant. In addition, it represented Mexican cuisine, and in 1995 Bobby Cox purchased the chain, which at the time had only five locations. Over time it became one of the fastest-growing segments in the restaurant industry. The franchise currently has 47 stores and is one of the most popular chains in Texas.
Rosa’s Cafe has a large and spacious architectural design. This design is to accommodate a large number of people inside the restaurant.

This is why the place is considered the ideal option for families. In addition to its spacious design, the restaurant’s pastel colors provide a lot of positive energy. Just by entering the restaurant, the customer can feel its cozy atmosphere. The decoration is cheerful and colorful. The music is also festive, but they usually play more pleasant melodies in the mornings.

Is Rosa’s Cafe a Texas thing?

Rosa’s Cafe locations are generally throughout West Texas, but there are other locations. In the United States, you can find establishments in California and Florida. Outside of the United States, however, there is another location in Hobbs, New Mexico. In total, Rosa’s Cafe has a franchise of forty-seven restaurants.


The restaurant chain has a wide and varied menu where most of its dishes are Mexican. One of the most impressive details of its menu is the nutritional value of the dishes. The menu shows how many calories each dish has and its protein value. In addition, the client can access this information in advance through the local website. On the menu, you can find typical Mexican dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas. The local’s most popular dishes are chicken enchiladas with sour cream and marinated beef and chicken fajitas; the chicken enchiladas contain meat, cheese, green poblano, rice, beans, and sour cream sauce. Cheese, vegetables, and rice accompany the exquisite fajitas. The fajitas are served with a delicious pico de gallo, guacamole, and sour cream. In addition to these gorgeous dishes, the menu has many other options, but these are the most recognizes.

The menu varies today, making soft and crispy tacos the main attraction. In addition to the regular menu, the chain offers an option for children and a family package. Despite being a large chain, all the prices of their dishes are low. Fees for Rosa’s Cafe range from ten to twenty dollars. This makes the Rosa’s Cafe menu one of the most affordable for large families.

Rosa’s Cafe is today one of the oldest and most essential franchises in West Texas. Thanks to its Mexican recipes and excellent service, its popularity increases every day. This restaurant is the best if you want to experience a cheerful atmosphere surrounded by abundant and delicious food.

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