Pujol Restaurant Mexico City

Pujol is a restaurant located in Mexico City that opened in 2000. The restaurant is recognized as one of the best in Latin America. Not to mention that it is among the top ten in Mexico. It is currently an international reference establishment for traditional Mexican food. The chain opens from Monday to Saturday from 1 PM to 9:30 PM. The restaurant is a combination of traditional recipes with a western twist. The visit to this renowned establishment will become an authentic experience for you and your family.

Pujol’s History

The restaurant was opened in 2000 by chef Enrique Olvera in Polanco, Mexico City. Chef Olvera had just finished culinary studies in New York City. The establishment’s success was on the rise, and in 2013, it was placed on the list of the fifty best restaurants in the world. In 2019, the place was named the third best in Latin America and number one in Mexico. Currently, the establishment continues to meet the expectations of its guests. In addition, Pujol is today the most significant representation of traditional Mexican food in the world.

Pujol is also a unique establishment in terms of its architecture. Unlike other traditional Mexican restaurants, Pujol focused on showing a modern face. The place’s modern architecture is composed of glass and wood angles. Thanks to its open design, the light is reflected on the dishes, providing a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, the place has a minimalist decoration where the colors to stand out are green and white. It is also important to mention the beautiful gardens surrounding the premises creating an environment of peace and harmony.

Pujol Restaurant Mexico City

Pujol’s Menu

The Pujol restaurant has two Michelin stars, so its menu is one of the most exquisite in all of Mexico. The restaurant is inspired by its recipes from the traditional ingredients of Mexico. In other words, the entire menu revolves around Mexican cuisine. The establishment offers two tasting menus to choose from, each consisting of seven dishes.

One of the menus revolves around corn as the central theme, one of the most characteristic ingredients of Mexico. The other menu revolves around the sea, and all the ingredients in this one come from the coast of Mexico. Both menus are incomparable and exquisite; no diner has been able to deny the authenticity and quality of its flavor. Despite this, some dishes on the menus are constantly changing and depend on the spontaneity of the chef. There are other options to taste in the restaurant, such as its famous tacos at the bar or its beloved cocktails. Indeed, each dish in the restaurant is an experience for any palate.


To access the restaurant, you need to book well in advance. Indeed, being one of the best restaurants in Mexico, Pujol has a long waiting list. Going to Pujol can mean waiting for weeks. The restaurant also has prices according to its popularity. Pujol’s prices vary according to the tasting menu but range from 2,500 to 3,200 Mexican pesos. It is essential to mention that desserts and drinks are separate in addition to the tip.

The Pujol restaurant is, above all, a demonstration of the power of Mexican gastronomy. All traditional restaurant recipes have become a symbol to the world. The restaurant is a work of art and a beloved representation of Mexico. Any diner who enjoys an evening at this restaurant will have one of the best gastronomic experiences in the world.

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