Nuestra Cocina

Nuestra Cocina

Nuestra Cocina Portland Oregon

Nuestra Cocina is a restaurant specializing in Mexican food located in Portland, Oregon. The restaurant is characterized by an electric decoration with an elegant and informal atmosphere. In addition, the establishment stands out for its fresh local ingredients and bold flavors. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Saturday from five in the afternoon until ten at night. Nuestra Cocina also stands out for offering daily specials and excellent weekend brunches. In the entire city of Portland, there is no better representation of traditional Mexican recipes. Thanks to this, the place has become an important reference site for Mexican gastronomy.

Nuestra Cocina

Nuestra Cocina is the result of a collaboration between two renowned restaurants and chefs. After becoming husband and wife, Chefs Benjamin Gonzalez and Shannon Doyle began operating the restaurant. Nuestra Cocina quickly caught the attention of diners enjoying authentic Mexican food. From its inauguration in 2004 to the present, it continues to be a resounding success. The old Mexican style of cooking plus the combination of peasant recipes appeal to the palates of people from all over.

The Nuestra Cocina restaurant is also recognized for its chefs’ history and famous cooking classes. Chef Benjamín wanted to transmit the taste of his food to the home of all those interested in learning. Nuestra Cocina’s cooking classes are monthly and last about three hours. Classes are from six to nine in the evening, where you prepare and enjoy a three-course menu. People can join in or watch and learn from the chef. The classes teach all the recipes and every detail of their preparation. The restaurant has gained great prestige among its guest’s thanks to this beautiful idea. There is no nicer way to demonstrate the value of an establishment than by teaching its foundations and principles. (Nuestra Cocina Yelp)

Nuestra Cocina Menu

The restaurant’s menu specializes in Mexican food. It is essential to mention that all the dishes are prepared with one hundred percent fresh and local ingredients. In addition, various traditional cooking methods are used in the preparation of the recipes, and on the menu are dishes such as carnitas, enchiladas, tacos, and soups. The local’s most popular dishes are the Yucatan lime soup with lime juice, epazote, chicken, and tortilla, and the chiles rellenos with picadillo. Stuffed chiles have roasted poblano with shredded pork, almonds, and raisin cream. There are many other dishes, but these are always highly recommended. A good option is always to ask for the specialty of the day.

The menu offers a different daily specialty and is one of the restaurant’s most commented and applauded options. Among the desserts on the menu, recipes with traditional and modern combinations are offered. The best-known desserts are the chocolate cake with cinnamon and the orange flan. A wide variety of drinks are also provided on the menu. The restaurant is stocked with beer, spirits, and wines. Despite this, the restaurant’s cocktails and margaritas are the most popular. The menu is extensive, varied, and above all, traditional. It is an excellent option for vegetarians, as well as allergic to gluten people to its wide variety of recipes.

Nuestra Cocina Reservations

Despite being a reference place for Mexican food in Portland, the restaurant has maintained affordable prices. It is indeed a more expensive restaurant than fast food chains, but this is due to the excellent quality of its dishes. Nuestra Cocina prices range between ten and twenty dollars. The restaurant offers different promotions and discounts despite its great prices. The values can be just for subscribing to the website or the famous cooking classes. The establishment also has the well-known Mole room. The Mole room at Nuestra Cocina is ideal for family reunions or other small events. The decoration of the room is traditional, and the atmosphere is cozy. The room also has a capacity of up to twenty-five people. You must access the restaurant’s website or call by phone to book the place.


Finally, emphasize that Nuestra Cocina is today a worthy representation of traditional Mexica food. The recipes, cooking methods, and classes have helped the restaurant gain the prestige it deserves. Indeed, it is increasingly difficult to stand out in Mexican cuisine. Despite this, Nuestra Cocina has maintained a firm position over the years. If you wish your palate to have a genuine Mexican experience, there is no better place.

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