Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant

Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant is a restaurant specializing in traditional Mexican food. The place is characterized by colorful decoration and excellent employees. In addition, all the recipes on their menu are prepared with organic and fresh ingredients. The restaurant also has full-service bars offering various margaritas, wines, and beers. The establishment usually opens from Monday to Sunday from eleven in the morning to ten at night. The restaurant has a warm and beautiful atmosphere. In addition, their prices, unlike other establishments, are meager. It is a restaurant that provides a pleasant experience thanks to its delicious food and excellent service. (Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant Facebook)

Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant

Don Pedro was inaugurated in 1979 by the Sepulveda family. Leticia and Ruben Sepulveda Sr. started working at Don Pedro in 1972. Leticia as a cooker and Ruben as a waiter. Six years later, they became complete owners of the Mexican restaurant Don Pedro. The establishment started small to become a vibrant community. With a good customer service, the Sepulveda’s continued to build their restaurant. In 1997, Ruben Sr. and Leticia retired and sold the restaurant to their children. It has remained a happy family business with the same traditional recipes and excellent customer service.


Don Pedro branches throughout history have greatly supported local schools and other charities. Don Pedro sponsors free soccer and volleyball schedules for these schools and the McCollum High School Scholarships’ annual golf tournament. This has made the name of Don Pedro one of the most respected in the industry. In addition to focusing on service and quality, Don Pedro has an extensive employee training program. The program teaches employees not to be unique but to be exceptionally consistent in welcoming customers, serving delicious home cooking, and providing a safe environment. Don Pedro’s name has been recognized for his training programs and community work. This has made the chain one of the most beloved and popular Mexican cuisine.

Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant Menu

The restaurant’s menu specializes in traditional Mexican dishes. All the ingredients in their recipes have excellent quality and flavor. Among the dishes on the menu, we find typical dishes such as tacos, nachos, fajitas, salads, and tamales, among others. In addition, the menu offers a wide variety of meat and seafood dishes. The restaurant’s most popular dishes are Cabrito and the classic Chile Relleno. Cabrito is nothing more than perfectly cooked tender goat served with rice, drunken beans, salad, jalapeño, and tortilla. The dish is one of the most traditional and exquisite on the menu.

Who owns Don Pedro Mexican restaurant?

The restaurant has a children’s menu with the same typical dishes but smaller proportions and without spicy food. One of the charms of the restaurant’s menu is its traditional desserts. The desserts are made with the original recipe of the founder Leticia. We find the classic sopapillas, rice pudding, flan cake with walnuts, and the famous pineapple empanadas among the desserts. In the case of drinks, there are the traditional ones such as margaritas or tequila. Most of the drink offerings are imported. However, one of the trendy drinks in the canteen is Don Pedro’s brandy. The menu is varied and is a complete tribute to traditional Mexican cuisine.

What can you do at Don Pedro?

The Don Pedro restaurant also offers various promotions. Among the restaurant’s offerings is the classic happy hour. Happy hour is generally from Monday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. At happy hour you can find both tacos and drinks for half price. Another promotion is the very cheap family packages, especially for large families. Prices at Don Pedro Restaurant range from four to twelve dollars. Despite being affordable, the promotions are appreciated by the diners. The Don Pedro restaurant offers to take away food. This is another service that diners enjoy, especially university students or long-time workers.


Finally, note that the Don Pedro restaurant has become an essential representation of Mexican cuisine. Mainly thanks to its traditional recipes and rustic cooking methods that preserve part of the history of Mexican cuisine. The delicious food, decoration, and excellent service make the visit to the establishment unforgettable. Don Pedro is undoubtedly a historical representation of the beloved Mexican culture.

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