Molina’s Cantina

Molina's Cantina

Molina’s Cantina Houston

La Cantina de Molina is a chain of restaurants specializing in Tex-Mex food. The restaurant is recognized for being the oldest Tex-Mex restaurant still in operation in Houston. The establishment is also known for its family atmosphere and loyal employees who have worked for many years. The chain is so well known that it has had famous personalities as clients, for example, George Bush and George Strake. The premises are open from Monday to Sunday from eleven in the morning to ten at night. Despite its years of service, the restaurant remains one of the most popular in Texas.

History of Molina’s Cantina

In the 1920s, Raúl Molina came to Houston from his hometown of Laredo, Mexico. Like many people, Molina sought a better life and job opportunities. He started out working as a busboy and dishwasher at a local restaurant. In 1941 Raúl and his wife opened their first Mexican restaurant, Old Monterrey. At that time, there were only five Mexican restaurants in the entire city of Houston. Raúl Molina is currently considered a pioneer of Tex-Mex cuisine. He also is known as a patriarch of a gastronomic family. The Molina family has played a significant role in the culinary scene in Houston and throughout Texas. The restaurant continues to be a genuine Mexican experience today.

Cantina de Molina’s catering has been recognized for its excellent service and quality over the years. Catering is recommended for any small event, such as parties or meetings. To book the restaurant’s catering, you only need to access the restaurant’s website. The website offers you an email or number where you provide information about your data and the event. The catering specializes in the buffet service that offers only Tex-Mex food. In addition to providing the best cuisine, the catering staff is also available for additional assistance. Additional benefits include live music, flowers, balloons, tents, and ice sculptures. Indeed, the catering service needs a 24-hour notice. The quality of its service provides assembly, cleaning, and disassembly.

Molina’s Cantina Menu

The restaurant has a menu specialized in Tex-Mex food. All their dishes are made with nutritious and fresh ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant uses traditional cooking methods for most of its Mexican recipes; among the American dishes that the place offers are sandwiches or different roast meat dishes. Mexican dishes are the classic tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, fajitas, among others. The most famous plates on the menu are Enchiladas a la Michael and Fajitas nachos de Molina. Michael’s Enchiladas are three chicken enchiladas with green sauce topped with Chihuahua cheese.

The enchiladas can also garnish with cilantro and avocado slices. Molina’s Fajitas are grilled chicken with beans, guacamole, cheese, tomato, and jalapeños. Both dishes are highly recommended, but many others are just as spectacular. In the part of the desserts, the menu presents both traditional and sophisticated, and in the conventional desserts, we find the flan and the classic sopapillas. In part the sophisticated we have its famous tres leches cake among others. The chain is also recognized for its extensive drinks menu. The local bar has refreshing mojitos, tequilas and margaritas. They also have a wide selection of beers and other imported drinks.


La Cantina de Molina has kept its prices low despite being such a famous restaurant. The restaurant’s objective is to be accessible to all types of public, from workers to students; the prices at Cantina de Molina range between five and fifteen dollars. Although the restaurant has affordable prices, it offers different promotions and discounts. Among the promotions is the complimentary potatoes and cheese sauce offer completely free. There is also happy hour at Cantina de Molina from Monday to Friday from three to six in the afternoon. At happy hour you can find all drinks at practically half price. The restaurant also offers party reservations and delivery service at some locations.


Finally, we should realize that even though the Cantina de Molina is an old restaurant, it is still popular. The reason is its history, incredible recipes, and low prices. The service of the establishment and its tempting promotions such as catering have helped to keep it going over time. La Cantina de Molina is currently a genuine Mexican experience. In addition to an excellent option for you to have an evening surrounded by family and good food.

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