Acapulco Mexican Restaurant y Cantina

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant y Cantina

Acapulco Restaurant locations

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant y Cantina is a long-standing restaurant chain founded in California. Currently, Acapulco Mexican Restaurant and Cantina are in Southern California and Oregon. There are only four restaurants in California, but the chain owns other properties.

First of all, the Mexican restaurant specializes in grilled food. In addition, it does offer not only Mexican dishes but also American dishes such as hamburgers or roast beef. The restaurant’s fame is due to its Mexican dishes and drinks. The site is also known to be an ideal place for family events. The reason is that the restaurant is designed for celebrations such as birthdays and meetings, among others.

Why choose Acapulco restaurants?

Acapulcos Mexican Family Restaurant and Cantinas:

This chain of restaurants, as mentioned before, is designed to be family-friendly. Unlike other countries, Mexico is known for its large families and culture. Therefore, its restaurants are designed for many people, and its dishes offer a large amount of food. Therefore, if you want to enjoy an evening with your family, there is no better option than this restaurant. In addition, like other family restaurants, Acapulco Mexican Restaurant y Cantina offers discounts depending on the number of people. Above all, you can find excellent deals for families with small children.

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant and Cantina menu:

Of course, we find typical Mexican dishes on the restaurant’s menu. Mexican fajitas, chimichangas, Acapulco Mexican Grill Menu, and tacos are the most recommended. Each dish is prepared with the same methods that are used in Mexico. In addition, some of the ingredients are obtained only in Mexico. In particular, the necessary ingredients for sauces include avocado, pico de gallo, or chili. Mexicans are known for eating very spicy and abundant foods. For that reason, this restaurant is a good option for you to explore those exotic delicacies. Continuing with the restaurant offers, we cannot fail to mention the Cantina. The restaurant Cantina has a menu full of the most popular drinks. Among these drinks are margaritas, micheladas, mojitos, or even tequila. The most recommended drink by the same diners is the margarita since they assure us it is the same as the one in Mexico.

Certainly, Acapulco’s Mexican restaurants y cantinas have presented problems when it comes to reservations. This is due to the large number of people who visit the restaurant. This is no longer considered an issue, thanks to Open Table. The Open Table application, better known as Opentable in English, is used to book from the mobile phone. By using the application, you reserve time and the number of diners at the restaurant you choose. In the application, you can see the menu and even the opinions of other users.

Acapulco Mexican restaurant and Cantina nutrition

Like other chains, Acapulco Mexican restaurant and Cantina nutrition have special offers. The best known is the Monday of margaritas. On that day, you can enjoy margaritas for as little as $3 all day. Other classic offers are the happy hour every day from three in the afternoon to eight at night. At happy hour, prices range from $4 to $10. And of course, there is the offer on Thursday at three in the afternoon, which is taco day. There are many other offers, but these are the most outstanding.

Acapulco’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina also offer catering options for events and parties. The restaurant, like other catering, provides everything from a buffet to an open bar. The complete catering is based on Mexican food, where the same establishment obtains its ingredients. It also offers servers and cooks with grill shows if the event is outdoors. Not to mention a table full of traditional Mexican desserts like buñuelos, flan, or Arroz con Leche.

Of course, its prices remain cheap at the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant y Cantina, a family restaurant. In addition to special offers and discounts, it also has a children’s menu. Of course, with more affordable prices. The most expensive dish on the menu costs less than 17 bucks, which makes it an ideal place for budget families. Affordable prices do not remove any prestige from the restaurant’s quality. Despite being considered cheap, the attention and food are magnificent.

Finally, visiting a Mexican restaurant is a great experience. You expand your culture by taking the risk of visiting different and exotic places. Mexican food is some of the most delicious in the entire world. The recipes of this culture have flavor and history. For that reason, it is an unforgettable experience.

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