Mexican Sour Tamales

The Mexican Sour tamales are one of the most popular tamales in our region. Due to its unique and good taste, it has won countless fans.

Mexican Sour Tamales

Mexican Sour Tamales Recipe

-1 kilogram of dough for tortillas
-500 grams of cooked black beans
-300 grams of Cotija cheese
-50 grams of chipotle chili
-250 grams of lard
-16 pieces of corn husk
-1 pinch of salt

Tamales Elaboration

1- You must place the corn dough inside a pot that you will cover with a clean and damp cloth. You leave the dough next to the stove all day to sour.
2- You wash and soak the corn husks for a few minutes. You take it out of the water and let it drain until it is time to assemble the tamales.
3- You grind the beans with the chipotle in a food processor and fry without stopping moving in a pot over low heat. The beans should be like a dry paste and come off quickly from the pot.
4- Once they have cooled, you add the crumbled cheese.
5- You add a little water and salt to the already sourdough to form a smooth paste.
6- In a separate bowl, you beat the lard with a couple of ice cubes to prevent it from heating up. You hit on medium speed until the butter forms soft peaks.
7- You integrate the butter into the dough to wrap around tamales.
8- The trick to knowing if your dough is ready is to drop a little dough into a container with water; if it floats, it means it is prepared.
9- With the help of a spoon, you spread a layer of dough on each corn husk and a layer of ground beans on top.
10-You must wrap the sour tamales and place them upright in a large pot. You cook them covered for 50 minutes or until the dough comes off easily from the leaves without leaving lumps.
11- You can serve the sour tamales accompanied with a little red sauce or chipotle chili if you prefer it spicier.

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