Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant

Margaritas Mexican restaurant is a restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food. The franchise has several locations, but the headquarters is in New England. The restaurant is characterized by adapting traditional Mexican food to the palate of New England. The chain opens from Monday to Sunday from eleven in the morning to ten at night. The restaurant has remained a fast-casual dining spot despite becoming a corporation. In addition, all establishments use homemade cooking methods. Thanks to these details, the restaurant is known for its warm and familiar atmosphere. The Margarita’s franchise is the exclusive representation of Mexican food in New England.

History of Margaritas Mexican restaurant

The first restaurant, Tio Juan, opened in 1985 in Concord, New England. The first to be called Margaritas opened soon after in Orono, Maine, thanks to a partnership. The success was such that months later, with more investors, the chain opened more stores in Maine and New Hampshire. After the nineties, the company had grown quite a bit and ensured its employees were immersed in the Mexican culture. Through training and programs carried out in central Mexico. Margaritas today is a successful franchise and one of the most popular in New England.

What is Margaritas Restaurants?

The restaurant has concentrated throughout its history on providing a one hundred percent Mexican image. For them, the decoration of the Margaritas establishments is based on the Mexican culture. All the furniture and handcrafted works of art in its restaurants are brought directly from Mexico. In addition, all the colored tiles with which they adorn the walls give a traditional image. The decoration of the premises was the fundamental key to the franchise’s success. As soon as the diner enters, he is completely immersed in the culture of this country. It is essential to mention that the music, atmosphere, and employees also contribute to an authentic experience.

Margaritas Mexican restaurant Menu

The restaurant specializes in Tex-Mex food, so most of the dishes on its menu are Mexican. Although on the menu, there are also American dishes such as hamburgers or roast beef. The restaurant also uses one hundred percent fresh ingredients and traditional Mexican cooking methods, thanks to the preparation received by its workers in this country. The typical Mexican dishes on the menu are tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, and burritos. The chain’s most popular dishes are the legendary chicken chimichangas and stuffed Mexican poblano. Chicken Chimichangas consist of cheesy shredded chicken rolled in a tortilla covered in red chili sauce and cheese. Chimichangas are served with rice, beans, guacamole, and sour cream. The special Stuffed Mexican Poblano is only performed on Friday and Saturday. The dish consists of chili relleno topped with chicken or shrimp and cheese topped with a red chili sauce and sour cream.

Why buy at Margaritas?

Both dishes are delicious and house specials, but there are many more. The accompaniments of the restaurant are also highly applauded, and this is because the establishment takes care of every last detail of its food. In addition to the regular menu, the place has a children’s menu with more straightforward dishes without spicy. In terms of desserts, they offer everything from traditional ones such as churros to more sophisticated ones such as fried vanilla ice cream. The restaurant also stands out for its drinks, especially its well-known blue Margarita. In addition to cocktails, they offer a wide variety of wines and beers. The restaurant’s menu is extensive and varied, a worthy representation of Mexican cuisine.

Despite being successful, the restaurant franchise has maintained a good balance between quality and price. Margarita prices range from five to twenty dollars. In addition to its acceptable prices for the quality of the service, the restaurant offers promotions and discounts. Among the deals is the classic happy hour. Margarita’s happy hour is from 3 pm to 6 pm, where you can find all drinks for almost half price. The restaurant has other services such as takeaway or catering. Margaritas catering is characterized by being ideal for any event. The prices are low, and for you to access the service, you only need to enter the restaurant’s website.


Finally, note that Margaritas have become one of New England’s most important representations of Mexican food. The excellent service, the food quality, and traditional recipes are reasons for its great success. The decoration and atmosphere immerse any of the guests in the beautiful culture of Mexico. This restaurant is your best option if you want a genuine Mexican experience.

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