Los Dos Reales

Is Dos Reales Mexican restaurant a good place to eat?

Los Dos Reales

Los Dos Reales is a family restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food. The chain’s headquarters is located in Champaign, Illinois, United States. The restaurant is known for making all its recipes with high-quality ingredients. In addition, the artisanal margaritas from his canteen are world-renowned. The place also has a traditional decoration and is decorated with traditional Mexican music.

What are the hours of operation for Welcome to DOS real?

The establishment opens from Monday to Sunday from eleven in the morning to ten at night. Dos Reales is not the largest or most recognized establishment, but it does have excellent customer service and a superb gastronomic experience.

Dos Reales is a chain of Mexican restaurants located in the Midwest and Great Plains of the United States. The place has franchises in Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

Is there a Dos Reales in Champaign?

The first branch, located in Champaign, Illinois, was founded by Álvaro Quezada, his wife Leticia, and a group of friends and family. Thanks to the establishment’s success, it began to expand its operations to Illinois and Kansas. The location in Kansas City is called Sol Azteca, and the area in Charleston, Illinois, is called Los Potrillos. Both places are owned by the same group and offer the same menu. The franchise’s success is due to the excellent customer service and the extraordinary quality of its ingredients. In addition to that, the staff and owners make regular visits to Mexico City to research products. It is a restaurant that stands out for consistency and perseverance in continuing to improve its name and gastronomy.

In addition to its ingredients and decoration, the Dos Reales family restaurant has charming customer service. The employees are professional and attentive, thanks to the chain’s commitment to its regular customers. The restaurant even offers festive dances in celebration of its guests’ birthdays. Indeed, many think that the decoration is simple, but it helps to turn the environment into an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The quiet atmosphere plus the quality of the service is what has made the establishment one of his favorites. The best way to win clients is to dedicate the time and attention they require.

Los Dos Reales Mexican Restaurant Menu

The restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican recipes. All the plates on the menu are prepared with ancient methods and organic and nutritious ingredients. Among the delicious dishes on the menu are nachos, fajitas, burritos, tacos, and chimichangas, among others. The chain’s most popular dishes are burrito bravo and chimichanga fajita. The burrito bravo is a giant burrito stuffed with grilled chicken or steak, beans, lettuce, and cheese served with delicious sour cream and pico de gallo. Instead, the chimichanga fajita is stuffed with chicken, bell peppers, onion, lettuce, and tomato. A cheese sauce or guacamole accompanies the chimichanga.

The restaurant also offers various traditional desserts on its menu. The classic sopapillas, churros, and the house special chimichanga cheesecake are among the desserts. The establishment also has a children’s menu with the same dishes but in a smaller proportion and without spicy food. For drinks, they offer traditional beverages such as Jarritos, Jamaica, or their refreshing Horchata. In addition, one cannot fail to mention its famous artisanal lime juice margaritas, one of the most popular. The restaurant also offers other imported drinks. The menu is varied but, above all, traditional, a worthy representation of Mexican food.

Unlike other chains, Dos Reales is a small franchise, but it maintains its affordable prices even so. Prices for Dos Reales range between five and twelve dollars. In addition to this, the restaurant offers different promotions and discounts for students. Los Dos Reales restaurant offers takeaway food to expand its flavor to different types of diners.


The restaurant, through its website, also provides reservation and catering options. The catering offers a menu similar to the restaurant but is recommended for small events. Also, on the website, you can become a VIP client, giving you certain advantages. When you become a VIP client, you have priority at the time of reservations and receive personal messages with different promotions.
Finally, note that the Dos Reales restaurant has become one of the most popular in its region. The establishment’s food, service, and atmosphere have helped it earn a name in the world of Mexican cuisine. The big chains have certain advantages, but franchises like Dos Reales offer a familiar and unique treatment. This establishment is your best option if you want to spend time surrounded by good food with friends and family.

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