La Salsa Verde Taquería

La Salsa Verde Taquería is a restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex food in the United States. The restaurant is located in the states of California and Nevada, but the headquarters are in California. The restaurant opens every day from eleven in the morning to ten at night. The establishment stands out for turning traditional Mexican dishes into modern ones, giving them an authentic touch. In addition, the chain is characterized by using fresh and nutritious ingredients. Not to mention its excellent service and traditional decoration. The restaurant is currently one of the most popular and influential in California.

La Salsa Verde Taquería Decoration

The restaurant has a simple, natural, and traditional decoration, giving it a cozy atmosphere. The walls of the establishments have warm colors and are decorated with handcrafted objects or Mexican hats. The restaurant’s furniture is made of wood and wicker; this gives the place an old and traditional touch. All these decorative details turn the restaurant into a Mexican paradise. Just by entering, people immerse themselves in the culture of this beautiful country.

One of the reasons for the success of the chain is its renowned catering. La Salsa restaurant’s catering is perfect for large and small events. Catering is characterized by allowing the client to select their menu for either fifty or five hundred people. To request catering services, you only have to call a telephone number that offers its website. In the call, the personal data and event data are specified. Catering orders are complete, including plates, utensils, and napkins. The order requires a minimum of 24 hours of confirmation. Comprehensive catering services offer two friendly workers to serve for two hours at $25 an hour. Catering orders are delivered hot and ready to serve. One of the requirements is the minimum food order of one hundred dollars with a delivery fee of ten percent. Otherwise, the restaurant’s catering has increased in popularity for its prices and delicious food.

La Salsa Verde Taquería Menu

The restaurant specializes in Tex-Mex food, so most of the dishes on its menu are Mexican. Although on the menu, there are also American dishes such as hamburgers or roast beef. All the dishes are prepared with organic and fresh ingredients, in addition to the fact that some traditional cooking methods are used. Among the Mexican dishes on the menu are tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and salads. The most popular dishes at the restaurant are chicken taquitos and the chicken and avocado enchilada. Chicken Taquitos are three crispy jumbo tacos filled with chicken and black beans served with fresh guacamole and sour cream, and the chicken Avocado Enchiladas feature grilled chicken with fresh avocado and cheese sandwiched between corn tortillas. Enchiladas are filled with red sauce, fresh cabbage, cilantro, and sour cream.

The restaurant also has a children’s menu with simple, non-spicy dishes. As for drinks, the menu offers traditional drinks such as Horchata or Jamaica, among other imported ones. They must mention that they offer an extensive beer menu such as Corona, Victoria, Pacifica, or Black. The menu is wide and varied but, above all traditional, also an excellent option for vegetarians or people allergic to gluten due to the variety of recipes—certainly a worthy representation of Mexican cuisine.

Prices and Quality

Unlike other popular Mexican restaurants, La Salsa has kept its prices low. The costs of La Salsa range between five and fifteen dollars. The objective of the restaurant is to be able to reach all types of the public. Above all, the restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere for families. In addition to low prices, the restaurant offers promotions, discounts, and other services such as takeaway. Among the upgrades is the classic happy hour from three to four and seven to eleven at night. At happy hour you can find drinks and tacos at practically half price. The restaurant has become the ideal place, especially for large families.


Finally, note that the Mexican restaurant La Salsa is today one of the most popular and influential in California. The excellent catering service, good food, and staff’s attention have helped the establishment have a name in the world of gastronomy. Not to mention the appreciation of its regular customer’s thanks to its good quality/price ratio. This restaurant is a good start if you want to experience the world of Mexican food.

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