La Bamba Restaurant

La Bamba Restaurant

La Bamba Mexican Restaurant is a chain of fast-casual restaurants specializing in Tex-Mex food. The headquarters of the restaurant is in the city of Champaign in Illinois. The chain’s other locations are in the Kentucky, Indiana, and Wisconsin regions. The restaurant is known for its vast burritos and hot sauce, as well as for being open late. The chain opens from Monday to Saturday, from eleven in the morning to nine at night. The franchise is also recommended for having excellent customer service and a fun, upbeat atmosphere. It also offers a genuine Mexican experience, representing the gastronomy of that beautiful country.

La Bamba Restaurant Locations

The first La Bamba Mexican Restaurant was founded in 1987. The founders were the brothers Ramiro and Antonio Aguas. The restaurant opened near the main campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign and was named after the song by the well-known singer of that time, Ritchie Valens. The restaurant expanded into the La Bamba Mexican Restaurants Group, which had at least twenty-seven locations in the Midwest. The company had expansion plans to Georgia, Tennessee, and Minnesota in 1997. As of March 2019, they expanded by 8 locations to Illinois. Kentucky, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The chain’s success has been so memorable that it has become one of the most representative in the United States.

La Bamba Mexican Restaurant is a place with a traditional and unique decorations. The restaurant’s walls are painted with primary colors complemented by colored stationery. The walls also have decorative objects such as handicrafts or Mexican hats. The local furniture is made of wicker wood and bright colors. All these decorative details give the restaurant a happy and festive atmosphere. Not to mention the staff’s enthusiasm and attention that gives you and your guests a unique experience.

La Bamba Mexican Restaurant Menu

The restaurant has a menu specialized in Tex-Mex food. All their dishes are made with nutritious and fresh ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant uses traditional cooking methods for most of its Mexican recipes. Among the American dishes offered by the place are hamburgers, sandwiches, or different meat dishes. Mexican dishes are the classic tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, fajitas, among others. The most popular plates on the menu are the Pepe Burro and the Enchilada Verde. Pepe Burro’s plate contains beef, refried beans, and mushrooms, topped with ranch sauce and melted cheese. Instead, the Enchilada Verde includes corn tortillas stuffed with chicken covered with green sauce and Monterey cheese, served with sour cream. It is essential to mention that the establishment’s fries with cheese sauce are a trendy local dish.

The restaurant is also known for having burritos of different sizes, from super to mini burritos. The restaurant often even has artwork depicting famous athletes on their burritos. In addition to the traditional menu, the restaurant also has a children’s menu. The children’s menu has simple dishes but just as delicious and, of course, without spicy. There are famous margaritas or horchatas in the drinks section and other imported drinks. The dessert section offers everything from traditional flan or rice pudding to more sophisticated ones such as cheesecake.

Prices and Quality

La Bamba Mexican Restaurant has maintained affordable prices, unlike other fast food chains. Despite the quality of its dishes and ingredients, the restaurant is an excellent family option, and the costs range from five to twelve dollars. In addition to its affordable prices, the restaurant has multiple promotions and discounts, including a catering service. The classic happy hour, children’s Monday, and margarita Thursdays are among the restaurant’s promotions and discounts. Happy hour at La Bamba Mexican Restaurant is from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., where drinks are half price. Kids Monday is an offer where kids eat free for an adult ticket purchased. The catering service of El Restaurante Mexicano La Bamba is currently one of the most popular. The benefit of a food truck at events has become an original, fun, and economical idea.


Finally, it would help if you emphasized that La Bamba Mexican Restaurant has become one of the most trendy franchises in the United States. The establishment’s food, decoration, attention, and atmosphere have helped it be one of the most loved. This establishment is your best option if you want to spend time surrounded by good food with your loved ones.

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