The Fenix Mexican Restaurant

The Fenix Mexican Restaurant Dallas

El Fenix Mexican restaurant ​​is ​​a chain of restaurants specializing in Mexican food, and it has multiple locations but is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The restaurant is also one of the oldest Mexican chains in the United States and is recognized for its delicious tacos and tamales. This is thanks to the fact that all the ingredients in their recipes are of the highest quality. It also has a colorful and cozy decoration, including excellent customer service. The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from eight in the morning to ten at night. The chain is appreciated for having an informal atmosphere that allows the diner to eat in peace. It is one of the oldest but also most beloved chains in the city of Texas.

The Fenix Mexican Restaurant

The Fenix ​​Mexican restaurant was founded on September 15, 1918. Mike Martínez, the founder, initially owned Martínez Café, and his dishes were American. It became El Fenix ​​in 1918 and was named because a phoenix means a rebirth. The original restaurant was in downtown Dallas. In the 1960s, the original restaurant closed, and in 1965, the authentic restaurant reopened across the street at 1601 McKinney Avenue; and in 2008, the Martinez family sold the chain to Firebird Restaurant Group LLC and used the code name Firebird when selling the chain. The Firebird president, Mike Karns, paid the Martinez family more than $30 million in cash; in 2011, there were 20 El Fenix restaurants in Texas. By 2014, the number of restaurants had grown to 22. It is currently one of Texas’s most popular and respected Mexican restaurant chains.


Colorful decorations and a cozy atmosphere characterize the branches of El Fenix. The restaurant is one of the oldest. Therefore its decoration consists of a traditional setting. The walls are adorned with handcrafted objects and Mexican hats. The furniture is made of wood, and the cloth tablecloths give a classic touch to the establishment. In addition to the setting and decoration, Mexican music immerses all diners in the culture of this beautiful country. The establishment’s staff is characterized by being attentive and pleasant. The restaurant is so successful that it is estimated to serve around 1,200 lunches on a typical Wednesday or Friday.

El Fenix ​​Mexican Restaurant Menu

The restaurant’s menu specializes in Mexican food. All the recipes on the menu are prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients. Among the dishes on its menu are tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, and tamales, among others. The most popular plates on the menu are their famous tortilla soup and fajita quesadillas. The special tortilla soup contains tomatoes, onions, cilantro, fried tortilla strips, chihuahua cheese, and avocado chunks. Instead, the fajita quesadillas have cheese, pico de gallo, and flank steak or marinated chicken breast.

It is essential to mention that diners enjoy the establishment’s fries and cheese sauce. The restaurant also has a children’s menu with the same dishes but in a smaller proportion and without spicy. The dessert menu offers traditional dishes such as flan, rice pudding, and empanadas. In the case of drinks, there are the traditional ones such as tequilas or their delicious margarita. All recipes are made using standard methods. It is a varied and nutritious menu, a worthy representation of Mexican gastronomy.

Unlike other chains, The Fenix Mexican restaurant ​​has maintained its affordable prices over the years. The objective of the branch is to reach all types of diners, from students to professionals. El Fenix ​​prices range between four and twelve dollars. In addition, El Fenix ​​offers takeaway food, which has become a great advantage for the establishment. Takeaway food allows diners from home to savor its exquisite recipes. In addition, a restaurant is an excellent option for people allergic to gluten or vegetarians. This is because many of their recipes are vegetarian. Also, the restaurant is one of the few chains that stays open late. Therefore, it is a perfect option for students or people with long working hours.


Finally, you should note that El Fenix ​​has become one of Texas’s most essential and beloved franchises. The establishment’s food, service, and atmosphere have helped it earn a name in the world of Mexican cuisine. The big chains have certain advantages, but franchises like El Fenix ​​offer a familiar and unique treatment. This establishment is your best option if you want to spend time surrounded by good food with friends and family.

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