King Taco

King Taco is a chain of Mexican fast food restaurants in California. The branch headquarters is located in Los Angeles, where the chain was founded. The restaurant specializes in typical Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos, and sopes. The branches also stand out for their exquisite roasted chicken.

King Taco

The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday from eight in the morning to eleven at night. The company has been nominated as one of the important ones in California on more than one occasion. The service, the food, and the attention are the main reasons for the company’s success. King Taco is an essential representation of Mexican cuisine throughout the United States.


Who owns King Taco?

In 1974 Raúl Martínez operated an ice cream truck; that’s when it occurred to him to found his restaurant. In the same year, King Taco was established, and the restaurant opened six months after its inauguration, the restaurant’s first branch. The second branch begins in Boyle Heights, which is the largest, becoming the main restaurant. Shortly after, more locations opened in cities such as Commerce, El Monte, and other regions of East Los Angeles.

In 1994 there were a total of fourteen restaurants with sales of around $21 million. In 2008 there were already twenty restaurants throughout Los Angeles County. The branch also opened a restaurant in historic downtown Pasadena. The Pasadena branch was the first not to have a majority Mexican-American population. Currently, the King Taco branch has become one of the most important and beloved in all of California. In addition, the restaurant is one of the few original restaurants in Los Angeles that are still preserved.

Is King Taco still alive?

The King Taco restaurant also stands out for all its community work. Being one of the oldest restaurants in the Los Angeles community, it has contributed to urban revitalization. The restaurant also supports various non-governmental organizations that serve the needy and homeless. It is essential not to mention all the donations made by foundations for children living with cancer and AIDS. In addition, the company provides sponsorship to defense and disaster relief organizations. Among these special giving events, the Los Angeles County Fair and Dreams of Christmas are best known. The company’s solidarity actions have helped it earn a place in the hearts of all its guests.


The menu specializes in typical Mexican food. All the ingredients in their recipes are organic and fresh. In addition, their cooking methods are kept as traditional as possible. Among the plates on the menu are tacos, quesadillas, nachos, burritos, and tamales, among others. The most popular dishes of the establishment are rotisserie chicken and chicken tacos.

What kind of tortillas does King Taco use?

The rotisserie chicken is seasoned with fresh chiles and tomatoes and served with beans, corn tortillas, and a delicious green sauce. Instead, the chicken tacos are stuffed with chicken, cilantro, onion, and their famous red sauce. The restaurant also has its secret family recipe for green and red sauce. Many diners say that the flavor of the restaurant’s sauces is unique and equal. In addition to its delicious dishes, King Taco stands out for its excellent traditional drinks. Among the most outstanding of its drinks are horchata and Jamaica. The restaurant also offers a tasty variety of imported drinks.

Unlike other well-known fast food chains, King Taco has maintained an excellent balance of quality and price over the years. King Taco prices range from five to ten dollars. In addition to low prices, King Taco offers different promotions and discounts. One of the chain’s best-known discounts is for police, military, and firefighters. Each person dedicated to this profession can buy multiple menu options at half price just by showing their credential. Po right now, the King Taco restaurant does not offer takeout, but it is in the company’s plans.


Finally, you should note that King Taco is today one of the best-known and most popular restaurants in Los Angeles County. The restaurant stands out for the attention of its employees in addition to its delicious recipes. Its mysterious green and red sauces are incomparable to those of other chains. In addition, it is essential to emphasize the excellent community work the company does for the population. All these details have made the restaurant chain one of the most beloved. This restaurant is your best option if you want to share a family moment surrounded by good food.

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