El Arroyo Restaurant

El Arroyo Restaurant

El Arroyo Restaurant Locations

El Arroyo restaurant specializes in Mexican food and is located in Mexico City. The place is recognized for its music, folklore, joy, and traditional recipes. It is an establishment designed for all ages, from children to seniors. The design of the restaurant and its various facilities have made it an ideal place for Mexican families. The local Arroyo opens from Monday to Sunday from eleven in the morning to 8 at night. The restaurant today is an economical and delicious option for any family. That is why the place has earned the acceptance and applause of all its guests.

History of the El Arroyo Restaurant

Who owns Arroyo in Austin?

The restaurant was founded in Tlalpan in 1940 on the outskirts of Mexico City. The founders were the marriage of Don José Arroyo and Doña Maria Aguiñe. The goal of the founders of the restaurant was to build a simple and familiar restaurant. The undeniable work and discipline of both founders eventually turned the restaurant into a popular venue over the years. The restaurant’s success grew so much that people from all over Mexico City frequented it. With 80 years of service, the restaurant continues to offer the joy of a family and social environment. Not to mention his beloved homemade family recipes.

It is indisputable that one of the reasons for the success of the Arroyo restaurant is its atmosphere. The restaurant is designed, so the diner feels in a familiar and comfortable environment. The place has old-time music, a bullring, and an entertaining children’s area. All these facilities aim to turn the premises into an excellent restaurant for all ages. In addition, the excellent service of its employees, who treat all their clients with care and equality, should be mentioned.

El Arroyo Restaurant Menu

The restaurant has a highly traditional menu. All the ingredients used are from Mexico and are prepared using standard methods. In addition to the normal regular menu service, the restaurant has a buffet. The buffet is one of the most famous services for its variety and flavor. In addition, each buffet service has its theme, such as the campirano or the coffee chocolate. The restaurant’s menu serves classic dishes such as quesadillas, enchiladas, tacos, and carnitas.

The best-known dishes on the menu are the lamb consommé and the chicken mole. The mutton consommé consists of barbecue juice with pieces of mutton, Mexican rice, and chickpeas, and the mole with chicken is made with the exquisite family recipe of mole and chicken breast or thigh. There are many other beautiful dishes, but these are the most recommended. The restaurant also has a children’s menu with more straightforward dishes. The place generally has a varied and healthy menu ideal for all ages.


El Arroyo Restaurant has always aimed to be the perfect option for the Mexican family. This is due to respect for the concept of its founders, Don José and Doña Maria. For this reason, the establishment’s prices have remained cheap over the years; the prices of the Arroyo Restaurant range between 90 and 160 Mexican pesos. In addition, the place offers discounts and promotions that especially favor large families. The buffet prices at Restaurante Arroyo are just as low.

The Arroyo restaurant is today an establishment loved and respected by Mexico City. With 80 years of history, the place continues defending its family recipes and concept of family food. Thanks to its atmosphere and excellent service, it remains such a popular restaurant today.

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