Mexican Enchiladas

Mexican enchiladas with cheese are one of the most popular dishes in Mexico City. They have an exquisite flavor that is achieved from the union of all the ingredients.

Mexican Enchiladas

Mexican Enchiladas Recipe

-1 unit of a small onion
-500 grams of chicken (1 boiled breast)
-1 pinch of salt
-2 cubes of chicken broth
-8 units of Serrano peppers
-1 cup of Cream
-1 cup of oil
-5 units of tomatoes
-24 units of corn tortillas
-150 grams of grated cheese


1- You blend the tomatoes. Add the chiles, the peeled and chopped onion, and the poultry stock cubes and continue mixing.
2- You transfer the sauce to a clay pot.
3- You pass the sauce to a clay pot and you approximately 20 minutes. Meanwhile, you grate the cheese. It is essential to use a type of cheese that can melt well.
4- You prepare the corn tortillas and put a pan with plenty of oil to heat once hot. You put the Mexican tortillas one by one and cook them back and forth to prevent them from getting tough. You place them on a plate with absorbent paper to remove excess oil.
5- You submerge an enchilada with the tongs so as not to get dirty, and you submerge it in the red sauce; you place it on a plate and fill it with the previously boiled and shredded Chicken. You roll the enchilada like a taco or fold it like a quesadilla, whichever we like best. You repeat this process with all the tortillas.
6- You take a baking tray or a refractory and place the enchiladas next to the other. Then, you evenly distribute the cream or sour cream and sprinkle the grated cheese. You must gratin the cheese in the oven, and that’s it!
7- You can accompany the enchiladas Mexican Chicken with a lettuce salad or the garnish we like the most.

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