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El Taco Tote is a fast food restaurant chain in the United States specializing in Mexican food. In addition to offices in the United States, it also has locations in the Mexican states of Chihuahua, Monterrey, and Coahuila. The restaurant’s main dishes include tacos, quesadillas, and many unique sauces. The chain typically opens from Monday to Sunday from seven in the morning to eleven at night. It is a restaurant characterized by a great family tradition and excellent customer service.

Taco Tote

Taco Tote El Paso

El Taco Tote was founded in the year 1988 by the Pacifico Heras family in Juarez, Mexico. The restaurant was inspired by family recipes passed down through generations. Thanks to these recipes, we started a very original and new concept of tacos.

How many Taco Tote restaurants are there in the US?

The popularity of El Taco Tote grew, taking it to multiple cities in Mexico and also the United States of America. In 2017, the company started a fresh concept with its latest location in El Paso, Texas. The restaurant applied a new project with a completely updated atmosphere and decoration. Taco Tote branches are one of the most successful in the United States and Mexico. The chain has been able to compete with other restaurants thanks to its fast service, where customers prepare their tacos.

The restaurant is also known for supporting the community where the chain grew up. The restaurant takes care of its guests and its community as if it were a big family. For this reason, the franchise works to finance new projects and even school scholarships. Through the chain’s website, people can request sponsorship for their companies. To apply, you must fill out a form with your data and your organization’s information. After filling out the application, you must explain the type of sponsorship you require, whether it is a small investment or a majority partner.

The company will respond to you when you fill in the application. In addition to supporting new projects, the restaurant’s website also collects donations for non-governmental organizations. It also offers job interviews to the unemployed in coordination with social services. Nor should mention be made of the scholarships it grants to both American and Mexican institutions. The company’s various community actions have earned it the respect and affection of all its guests.


It is a restaurant with a menu specializing in Mexican food. The ingredients they use for their recipes are organic and fresh. Among the main dishes on the menu, we find quesadillas, grills, fajitas, and of course, tacos. In addition, all dishes come with accessories of the customer’s choice. The menu offers complements are baked potatoes, charro or refried beans, rice, and tortillas, among others. The most popular menu offerings are the taco tote package and the taco tote order; both offerings are a combo. The taco tote package contains two tacos of your choice of meat, a side, and a regular drink.

What are the main dishes at El Taco Tote?

The taco tote order is three tacos with the filling of your choice. The restaurant also has a children’s menu with the same dishes but in a smaller proportion and without spicy. The dessert menu offers traditional dishes such as flan, rice pudding, and delicious empanadas. In the case of drinks, there are the traditional ones such as Horchata and Jamaica, among other imported ones.


The Taco Tote restaurant also offers home delivery and other services such as catering and takeaway. You must order Taco Tote catering twenty-four hours in advance. The catering provides different offers of tacos accompanied by their sauce as a menu, and the service includes plates, cutlery, napkins, and other utensils. Catering is not recommended for significant events but family parties or gatherings with friends. Taco Tote’s takeout service is renowned for being one of the fastest. The service is one of the most rapid because the customers are the ones who prepare their tacos. The brilliant idea of ​​self-service speeds up the ordering process and avoids potential complaints from any customer.


Finally, you should note that Taco Tote has become one of Mexico’s most influential fast food franchises. The flavor of its recipes plus its brilliant self-service idea has made it an efficient and popular chain. Thanks to the chain’s family philosophy, customers are served by friendly and attentive staff. Not to mention the excellent community work of the restaurant that has made it one of the most beloved. Taco tote today is a worthy representation of Mexican food for the world.

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