Pink Taco

Pink Taco

Is Pink Taco Mexican food?

Pink Taco is a restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food in Los Angeles, California, and the locations are not only in California but also in Washington and Florida. The restaurant chain is characterized by its particular pink decoration and its fun and authentic recipes. In addition, most of the staff is female, recognized for being enthusiastic and cheerful. The restaurants are open from Monday to Sunday from ten in the morning to midnight. Thanks to its youthful staff and fun recipes, the franchise is a favorite with many young crowds and is today a modern representation of traditional Mexican recipes.

Pink Taco Restaurant

The Pink Taco chain is also recognized for its particular decoration. All restaurants are decorated based on the colors pink and black. The walls above all are painted in the enigmatic pastel pink color. The furniture and decorative objects of the establishment are rustic or antique, and these decorative objects give an elegant and unique contrast to the restaurant. The place also gives great importance to music. The establishment’s music is varied but modern, or you can even find live music many times. The last touch to the decoration is its recipes, which are also based on a particular shade of pink. The pink tacos and their pink margaritas are new and eye-catching for diners. All these unique details of the establishment have contributed to the success and acceptance of the public.

Pink Taco Menu

The Pink Taco restaurant chain specializes in Mexican food. Most of the plates on the menu are traditional, but some are modified for an exotic touch. One of the many modifications they have is the particular pink color. The cooks affirm that it does not influence the flavor, but the diners suggest it is a unique detail. The menu has typical dishes such as nachos, tacos, quesadillas, salads, and burritos. All the plates are exquisite, but the most famous is the Rosa Original and the Burrito ahogado. The Rosa Original consists of a crispy taco with chicken, romaine lettuce, Jack cheese, avocado, and pickled onions. The dish is served with habanera sauce and guacamole.

The Burrito ahogado is Mexican rice, Jack cheese, red beans, cilantro, and avocado, and it is done with pico de gallo, sour cream, together with red chili sauce. All the dishes on the menu are spectacular, but diners most recommend these two. The menu also offers different accompaniments, including its exquisite elotes with chipotle. In addition, the menu offers other sophisticated desserts such as brownies and fried ice cream. It is essential to mention the drinks where their beloved margaritas stand out. Indeed, the restaurant’s pink daisies have become a symbol of reference. They also offer other classic drinks, almost all imported.

Pink Taco is also famous for its excellent balance of quality and price. Pink Taco prices are between five and twelve dollars. This makes the establishment an ideal place for families and young people. In addition to the costs, the establishment also offers different offers and discounts, such as the classic happy hour. Pink Taco’s happy hour is from four to six pm when entrees are half price. There is also the traditional Tuesday offer of tacos or brunch on the weekends.


Pink Taco has become a worthy modern representation of Mexican cuisine. The variety and authenticity of its dishes plus its excellent staff are some of the reasons for its success. If you want to experience new Mexican flavors and recipes, this is the best place.

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