5 Delicious Mexican Tamales

These 5 delicious Mexican tamales will fill your mouth with water. Certainly, if we ask any person who says a typical Mexican dish, they will surely answer tamales. Tamales are one of Mexico’s oldest, most delicious, and traditional recipes. There is not a holiday or family celebration in Mexico where a plate of tamales is not present. In addition to being such a popular dish, it is very nutritious and simple to prepare. Most people are surprised that such a typical dish can be so delicious. For that reason, we explain below the 5 types of Mexican tamales:

1- Mexican Salty Tamales:

Mexican Salty Tamales:

Mexican savory tamales are so common that they can even be found in certain street vendors. They are one of the most homemade recipes in Mexico. The main ingredients are corn, onion, serrano peppers, and, of course, refined salt. In addition to the corn or banana leaves, they are usually wrapped. People often stew them with mole, chicken, green chili, or even cheese. It is a very traditional dish, easy to prepare, and can be vegan.

2- Mexican Sweet Tamales:

Mexican Sweet Tamales, Mexican Tamales

Indeed, when tamales are mentioned, it is not considered a sweet dish, but this recipe is typical in Mexico. Sweet tamales are usually prepared for any holiday, especially the Day of the Dead. The recipe is characterized by being varied depending on the region of the country as well as being colorful. The main ingredients are tamale flour, cocoa, butter, condensed milk, sugar, and corn husks. The recipe may seem strange to many people, but it is truly delicious. It is an exotic recipe that can become a regular dish for anyone who tries it. It is an easy plate to prepare and a crowd pleaser, especially for the little ones.

3- Mexican Canarian Tamales:

Canarian Tamales

The Tamales Canarios are a tradition from Michoacán and are made with butter, rice flour, and raisins. Today it has become a versatile recipe as people add different ingredients. They are also known as rice tamales, characterized by a soft and fluffy texture. It is a perfect dish to combine with a Mexican hot chocolate or pot coffee. It is an easy recipe to prepare and vegan.

4- Sour Tamales:

Sour Tamales

Mexican sour tamales are one of the most traditional Mexican recipes. It is a special tamale made with fermented corn dough. People usually fill it with cooked and mashed beans along with Cotija cheese. In addition, you can also add chipotle chili to the recipe for a more spicy touch. Once the dough is filled, it is wrapped in corn husks and steamed. It is an easy recipe to prepare, economical and ideal for crowds.

5- Purslane Tamales:

Purslane Tamales

Purslane tamales are exquisite tamale that is usually prepared for breakfast. The tamale recipe, being more nutritious and lighter than others, is excellent to start the day. The dish is accompanied by a green sauce of green tomato, serrano pepper, garlic, and onion. The recipe is quite popular, and people often add other ingredients such as pork or chicken to give it more consistency. The dish is relatively easy to prepare, inexpensive, and, as mentioned before, a complete breakfast.

Finally, clarify that there are many tamale recipes in Mexico; we mentioned only the most common. The tamale is a dish that has become a symbol of Mexican culture both for its flavor and tradition. The plate has gained such global renown that many of the world’s best restaurants have it on their menu. The tamale is a delicious and nutritious recipe. This plate may be the best place to start if you want to expand your palate to more exotic recipes.

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