Mexican Chiquito

Where was the first Mexico Chiquito?

Mexican Chiquito

Mexican Chiquito is a UK-based restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex meals. It also serves food through its virtual restaurants, Cornstar Tacos and Kickass Burritos. The company was established in 1989 and has sixty-eight restaurants across the country, and it bills itself as the original Mexican bar and grill and has been described as the best-known Mexican chain in the UK.

How many chiquitos are there in the UK?

Restaurants often have a large bar and lounge style. The rustic interior decoration is based on Mexican architecture and culture, where old posters and photographs adorn the walls. The Chiquito restaurant is always open from Monday to Sunday from noon to eleven at night. Another characteristic detail of Chiquito is its crockery decorated with images of piñatas, balloons, or hats. The restaurant always has a cheerful and festive atmosphere, and its workers are known to be friendly.

Mexican Chiquito Locations

The restaurant chain focuses on its innovative recipes and cooking methods. Chiquito has been highly revered for its diverse and unique cuisine in different parts of the world. The current locations are Chiquito Granada, Spain, Chiquito London, and Chiquito Riz in Madrid, among other important cities. The recipes of their dishes only use fresh and healthy ingredients, especially the avocados, beans, chili peppers, and tomatoes that have incredible quality. The sauces on the menu are known for being varied, ideal for combining them with any dish. The famous Mexican pico de gallo is made with traditional methods, making it a sensation. The chain has represented Mexican gastronomy in different parts of the world.

Mexican Chiquito Menu

The Chiquito restaurant specializes in Tex-Mex food. It stands out for its organic and nutritious ingredients. You will find typical dishes on their menus, such as tacos, burritos, enchiladas, tostadas, and fajitas, and you can also find American dishes like hamburgers or roast beef. Their dishes are brimming with flavor and spice. Among the most ordered dishes are their burrito bowls and their spicy enchiladas.

Burrito bowls contain rice, refried beans, mozzarella sauce, guacamole, and jalapeño. Instead, their enchiladas have rice, jalapeno, cheese, and tomato sauce served with sour cream and onions. Both dishes are traditional Mexican delicacies. The restaurant’s sauces are well known, especially the pico de gallo. Indeed, the menu has classic dishes, but it also stands out for presenting innovative seasonal dishes. We have Mexican pizza and its famous nacho lasagna among these creative dishes. As for drinks, in addition to soft drinks and juices, beer and margaritas are served.

Chiquito takes care of the environment

Like other food chains, Chiquito pays special attention to caring for the environment. In 2020, the restaurant donated more than 12.69 tons of food to Fareshare, and as a result, Chiquito is one of the restaurants with the least food waste per guest in the world and in 2019 the restaurant made the radical decision to remove all plastic stirrers and straws from its premises. In addition, the chain has constantly been reducing its carbon footprint for eleven years. They have indeed been renovating the premises to reduce energy consumption. Chiquito has focused on its consumption measures for the protection and well-being of human beings and the planet.

The Chiquito franchise also cares about the well-being of the community. The chain offers office function and degree-level apprenticeship programs to all team members. It also works with local job centers to provide the long-term unemployed a guaranteed interview. They also launched an app called Sauce that provides wellness assistance, employee benefits, and a new learning platform. The franchise is a member of Sedex as part of its policy that suppliers must complete the evaluation questionnaire.

Does chiquitos do student discount?

The restaurant also partners with Magic Breakfast to provide meals to hungry schoolchildren. It is essential to mention that Chiquito also offers discounts to all university students. University students only have to access the website and fill in some personal information. As soon as students subscribe, they will receive a message with the different offers and discounts. The franchise’s solidarity actions have led to the respect and admiration of its employees and customers.


Finally, Chiquito, like other chains, has earned a place in the representation of Mexican food. Its premises’ self-centered recipes, music, and decorations have made the chain an exceptional location. Thanks to the friendly and kindness of the employees, the restaurant has become a unique experience for diners. If you want to taste and experience Mexican food and its culture, Chiquito is the best option.

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