Maui Tacos

Maui Tacos

Maui Tacos is a restaurant franchise specializing in fusion Mexican food with Hawaiian flavors. Maui Tacos is characterized by fresh, modern, and relaxed cuisine. Mexican food and the spirit of aloha turned out to be the secret formula for success. The chain of restaurants opens from Monday to Sunday from half past eleven in the morning to half past seven at night. The excellent service and paradisiacal decoration are also vital elements of the franchise. Maui Tacos is today a one-of-a-kind restaurant chain. The restaurant is a genuine Mexican experience with an exotic Hawaiian combination.

History of Maui Tacos

The first Maui Tacos restaurant was opened in 1993 by chef Mark Ellman on the island of Maui. Well-known chef and restaurateur Mark Ellman had the brilliant idea for the flavor combination. The store garnered rave reviews worldwide and opened multiple locations across the Pacific. Maui Tacos locations have spread to the islands of Hawaii, and Oahu, among others. The trademark sauce and Chef Ellman’s award-winning menu have helped make the franchise a worldwide celebrity. Today the company is one of the best known because of the tacos.

The decoration of Maui Tacos is traditional and natural. The colors of the walls of the restaurant are warm tones and are decorated with handcrafted objects. The furniture is made of wood and wicker, painted in bright colors such as yellows and greens. The restaurants also have an outdoor terrace in an environment surrounded by nature. The place’s atmosphere is informal, allowing diners to feel comfortable when eating. The restaurant’s music is also cheerful and festive, giving the establishment a unique touch. The staff is also known for being positive and enthusiastic, making their clients’ visit a fantastic experience. The restaurant chain is unique, and all these decorative details describe it as a genuine and exotic experience.

Maui Tacos Menu

The restaurant’s menu is known to be different but, above all, delicious. The combination of flavors is a unique experience for the palate. The restaurant’s tacos are on the list of the twenty best tacos ‘Maui’ in the United States. The restaurant uses fresh and nutritious ingredients. Also, almost all the recipes are prepared with traditional cooking methods. On the menu are dishes such as tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and nachos. The establishment’s most popular dishes are the beloved best fish tacos Maui and the sonorous enchiladas. The unique fish tacos contain fish, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno, pineapple, and lime juice, and it is served with the well-known pineapple and tomato sauce. Sonorous enchiladas include cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pineapple, and tortillas. All enchiladas on the menu are served with Mexican rice and beans.


The menu has other house specialties, but these dishes are the most popular. It is essential to mention that their secret pineapple and tomato sauce is one of the most delicious and famous in the world. In addition to the traditional menu, the restaurant also offers a breakfast menu where the eggs rancheros are their star dish. The restaurant also offers different desserts combining Hawaiian flavors with Mexico’s. These are grated coconut flan, churros with caramel sauce, and banana chingalinga. All desserts are delicious and with an authentic touch. In the case of drinks, they offer from the traditional Mexican ones such as horchata or margaritas to the Hawaiian ones such as the piña colada. They also provide different imported drinks.

Despite becoming a successful franchise, the Maui Tacos restaurant chain has very affordable prices. Prices for Maui Tacos range from six to ten dollars. The prices are because the company aims to reach any client, from native families to tourists. In addition, the restaurant also stands out for its solidarity actions with the community. The restaurant, through its website, organizes fundraising events for non-governmental organizations.


Finally, note that Maui Tacos is one of the Pacific’s most essential and popular franchises. This is thanks to its excellent service, traditional decoration, and fusion of Mexican-Hawaiian food. The restaurant is a reference site for all tourists who visit the islands. In addition to the fact that the establishment’s tacos are considered one of the best in the world. If you like to experience a new flavor with your palate, this restaurant is the ideal place.

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