El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Mariachi Cantina Madrid

The Mariachi Mexican restaurant & Cantina is a restaurant franchise in Spain located in regions such as Madrid, Alicante, and Toledo, among others. Founded in 1993, the franchise has become Spain’s primary ambassador of Mexican food. The restaurant is characterized by dishes full of color and flavor, and it was also nominated as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010. Cantina Mariachi’s offer is based on working with quality ingredients and respecting Mexican tradition. Currently, after a profound repositioning process, Cantina Mariachi is once again a pioneer in the world of cuisine.

El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Where can I find El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant & Cantina?

Cantina Mariachi has proven to be a successful business for over 30 years, thanks to the Comess Group guarantee. In the last 20 years, the consumption of Mexican food has increased exponentially in Spain. This has been an opportunity for the franchise to expand since its foundation in 1993. There are currently fifty-five locations in Spain and ten international locations. In addition, the restaurant plans to continue growing in at least ten more places next year. The restaurant is always open from one afternoon until eleven at night. It is essential to clarify that the schedule may vary depending on the location of the premises.

El Mariachi Mexican restaurant & Cantina menu

On the restaurant menu, of course, we find typical Mexican dishes. Among the most recommended are nachos, enchiladas, and burritos. One of the typical dishes of the franchise is the burgrito. The dish consists of a burrito stuffed with chicken, vegetables, jalapeños, spicy Mexican sauce, and gratin with cheese, a true delight from the Cantina Mariachi menu. In addition, each recipe is presented with specific crockery that aims to offer a unique multi-sensory experience.


Thanks to this particular and original crockery, the color and textures of the ingredients are enhanced and contribute to a fantastic experience. Almost all drinks offered on the menu are imported. We also have desserts where the restaurant offers typical Mexican dishes. Among these are corn cake, handkerchiefs, puff pastry with cajeta, and their highly recommended sweet nachos. Many people are surprised by this variety of sweet dishes, but it is truly a culinary experience.

puff pastry with cajeta
Puff Pastry with Cajeta

The Cantina Mariachi franchise, despite being very successful as well as a Cultural Heritage, has maintained affordable prices. The objective of the restaurant is to be able to reach all types of consumers quickly and affordably. They have no competition by presenting a quality relationship with an unbeatable price. The prices of Cantina Mariachi vary from four to ten euros, with the most expensive dish being only eighteen euros.

Cantina Mariachi Promotions

In addition to being considered an affordable franchise, Cantina Mariachi also offers multiple promotions. You can earn a discount at the restaurant by accessing the website and sharing your opinion. For the restaurant, the reviews of its guests are essential. For this reason, it is highlighted that most of its promotions or discounts are through raffles based on user opinions.

The restaurant chain has also just launched its new concept, with which it establishes a renewed image and gastronomic proposal. The new idea of Cantina Mariachi has an innovative offer in a unique environment. The architect and designer Pablo Baruc developed the design of the space. Firstly, it refers to the use of colors. The earth tones, mud, and red colors move to a Mexican world. These tones combined with blue, white, and black give the place an elegant and sophisticated touch.

In the new restaurants, you can also see the use of tilework. The restaurant will use this decoration on walls and floors, which is typical of Mexican culture. Finally, the renovated interior pays special attention to decorative elements such as wicker and plants. You cannot forget unique decorations such as cacti. A new image and concept excite diners and transfer restaurants to today’s world.

In addition to the varieties Cantina Mariachi has on its menu, another reason for its success is its atmosphere. The franchise ensures that its restaurants have a warm and familiar atmosphere. Mexican culture is represented in its cozy atmosphere and not only in the decoration. The service is attentive and diligent, and they ensure you get the best possible experience.


Finally, the Cantina Mariachi restaurants bring you closer to traditional Mexican cuisine. It achieves this by combining quality and flavor in preparing its delectable dishes. Entering a restaurant of this franchise is immersing yourself in Mexican culture. The opportunity for you to share the richness of this healthy gastronomy with friends and family makes your environment happy. The mixture of architecture and gastronomy of this franchise is genuinely invaluable.

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