El Coyote Café

El Coyote Café is a Mexican restaurant located in Los Angeles, California. The restaurant has been named the best Mexican restaurant for eighteen years and the best in 2008. The Café opens from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to ten at night. Coyote Restaurant offers guests a festive atmosphere, entertainment, and traditional Mexican food. The site is ideal for celebrating commemorative dates with groups of any size.

El Coyote Café

El Coyote Café San Diego

For over 30 years, Café Coyote has remained one of San Diego’s signature restaurants. The staff is friendly, the customers loyal, and the food delicious. As a result, the restaurant is considered one of the best Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles.

Where is El Coyote located?

Blanche and George March opened the restaurant in 1931. The store was initially located in La Brea until its move in 1951 to its current location on Beverly Boulevard. Currently, the place has eight rooms, 375 seats, and a patio where at least a thousand meals are served daily. The restaurant also has a distinctive decor with bright colors, hats on the wall, and a mix of eclectic art. The local margaritas have been named the best in town by magazines like the Los Angeles Times. Since then, this popular restaurant has grown to include as many as ninety-five employees. The café’s fame increased in 2011 when it celebrated its 80th anniversary with special 75-cent dinners.

What is El Coyote famous for?

At the Coyote Café, we can see traditional cooking methods such as fresh tortillas made entirely by hand. In addition, the restaurant enjoys Mexican music along with the perfume of tropical flowers. Fountains splashing into the courtyard add to this traditional colorful décor. Food prepared exclusively with fresh and healthy ingredients. All these details make the restaurant one of the best. The atmosphere that radiates from the premises is a combination of joy and peace. Notably, the restaurant has the advantage of being a Mexican café in Old Town San Diego. The location allows customers to enjoy the surrounding attractions after a good meal. Historical sites, museums, and galleries attract people, so the restaurant makes the best of its location.

El Coyote Café Menu

The restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican recipes. All the plates on the menu are prepared with ancient methods and organic and nutritious ingredients. Among the dishes on the menu are the classic burritos, tacos, enchiladas, fajitas, and soups. The favorite dishes on the menu are the traditional chiles rellenos and the chicken margarita, which contains bell peppers stuffed with cheese and egg and topped with ranch sauce. Instead, the chicken has chicken breast marinated in the renowned charcoal-grilled margarita marinade.

Indeed, there are other equally popular dishes on the menu, but these are the most symbolic. The drinks menu has beers, wines, and cocktails, but you can not fail to mention its renowned margaritas. The original Coyote margarita combines Cointreau, Gold Tequila, Sweet & Sour, and fresh lime juice. To this day, the recipe for this refreshing drink remains among diners’ favorites. The restaurant also offers traditional desserts, such as famous fritters, flans, and churros with chocolate. El Coyote Café also has a children’s menu with the same typical dishes but smaller proportions and without spicy food. The restaurant’s menu is varied, and all its dishes have a deep traditional flavor.

The Coyote Special Events

The Coyote Café also takes reservations for special events at the well-known Rancho Coyote. El Rancho is a seven-acre vineyard separated into five blocks with incomparable beauty. The place is characterized by being fun, festive, and beautiful, turning any party into an unforgettable event.; especially if you want to host an outdoor event with colonial décor and a tequila cantina’s rustic feel. Certainly, the place transforms events into unique experiences.

Unlike other well-known restaurants, El Coyote Café maintains relatively low prices. The place can further exploit their profits, but they prefer to keep it as a family environment. In addition to supporting regular customers, according to the restaurant’s philosophy, each diner is treated as if they were a family member. The prices range from five to seventeen dollars at El Coyote Café. It is an ideal restaurant for you to share with family and friends.


Finally, establish that El Coyote Café is today one of the best Mexican restaurants. The reason is not only the restaurant’s food but also its traditional preparation and friendly staff. Visiting the restaurant is an unforgettable experience. If you want to experience traditional Mexican food, there is no better place.

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