El Chico Mexican Restaurant

El Chico Mexican Restaurant

El Chico Mexican restaurant is a chain located in the southern United States. The first restaurant founded was El Chico, Texas. It is a Mexican restaurant specializing in Mexican food and American dishes. The restaurant reflects almost ninety years of changes in the tastes and preferences of diners and has preserved its heritage while adding new and exciting flavors to the menu.

El Chico Hours of Operation

The restaurant is traditionally from Monday to Sunday from eleven in the morning to nine at night. Except on Sundays when it closes at half past six in the afternoon. The strength and fame of the restaurant are due to the time and experience it has in the business, in addition to the respect and consideration with their regular guests and especially with traditional recipes.

El Chico Mexican Restaurant

The first restaurant opened in 1940 on Oak Lawn in Dallas, Texas. The chain has maintained a tradition of Mexican food since its founding.

What is the El Chico Mexican restaurant story?

The story of El Chico began with Adelaida Cuellar’s homemade tamales. Tamales drew large crowds at a small county fair in 1926. Adelaida’s daughters opened a Dallas Cafe and continued using her mother’s recipes. As a result, the name of the restaurant and its recipes gained fame. The thriving restaurant has grown to own more than 75 locations. Currently, the locations of El Chico are in the states of Florida, Tennessee, and Texas, among others. El Chico continues to serve the best quality Mexican food with new specialties.

Unlike other chains, El Chico is very committed to helping the communities it serves. Their help focuses on non-profit organizations that work for the benefit of health and education. The restaurant thus manages to help families and children within the community. The plan is to book a night with a hundred guests who identify with the organization. This reservation must be on a Monday or Tuesday. At the end of the dinner, the chain will donate ten percent of the sales of that restaurant to the charity. This allows these small organizations to help their community. Thanks to this, the restaurant has gained respect and affection from its community.

El Chico Menu

El Chico’s menu offers classic fast food from Mexico, good for lunch or a light dinner. Among the dishes offered on the menu are its traditional tamales, enchiladas, tacos, and exquisite fajitas. One of the most ordered dishes is Mom’s Favorite Enchilada Dinner. This dish has been on the menu since the founding of the restaurant. The dish consists of ground beef with chili, cheese, onion, spinach with sour cream, and rice with refried beans. It’s no wonder it’s stayed on the menu for so long, thanks to its combination of flavors.

Why choose El Chico?

In addition to these classic dishes on the menu, it has special offers for lunch and a children’s menu. The children’s menu offers the same dishes but in a smaller proportion and, of course, without spicy. Casa Rita stands out among the drinks, the most popular margarita and its refreshing Mojito. Also, they offer the classic Sopapillas with honey and mom’s favorite apple pie for dessert. Both desserts are traditional and delicious, a classic show of respect for Mexican culture. Many diners say that the restaurant’s menu is a walk through the history of Mexican cuisine.

The restaurant chain, like others, offers different promotions and discounts. The restaurant each day offers daily specials in various locations for everyone to enjoy. Also, on holidays such as Cinco de Mayo, they provide gift cards for their guests. This is appreciated above all by regular customers. Despite the discounts, El Chico is a cheap restaurant. For this, they have maintained the same prices for a long time. The prices of their dishes vary from five to twelve dollars.

El Chico also offers its catering with a traditional Mexican menu. The client can only access the web page and add some of his data. You must also specify the date, time, and several people at the event or any other necessary comment. The chain even offers discounts depending on the number of people at the event. Also, if it is not an event, El Chico offers takeout as an option for customers from home.


Finally, El Chico has become a worldwide representation of traditional Mexican food. The restaurant’s decoration and employees make the guests’ visit an unforgettable experience. If you want to share a moment surrounded by your loved ones and with good food, this is the place you are looking for.

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