El Adobe de Capistrano

El Adobe de Capistrano

El Adobe de Capistrano Restaurant

El Adobe de Capistrano is a restaurant located in San Juan Capistrano, California. The restaurant has been recognized as a California State Historic Landmark. It is located two blocks south of the historic Mission San Juan Capistrano. The place is open every week from eleven in the morning to nine at night. The site offers a unique and rustic atmosphere. It also focuses on traditional Mexican food and has maintained great prestige over the years. It’s an excellent way for you to experience authentic Mexican food. (El Adobe de Capistrano Yelp)

The History of Adobe Capistrano:

The entire restaurant is a historical monument. Initially, the building was made up of two separate structures. The north section was originally the Miguel Yorba Adobe House, built-in 1797. In 1910, Georgia Mott Vander-Leck purchased and consolidated the properties for use as a residence and store. Thirty-six years later, she sold it to a visionary Rancho Mission Viejo farmer, Mr. Brown. Brown built the El Adobe restaurant and opened it on July 8, 1948. Former President Richard Nixon enjoyed Mexican dishes prepared exclusively by El Adobe’s chef. These dishes inspired El Adobe’s shift from continental to Mexican cuisine. Since then, it has been a reference site for Mexican food. In addition, hundreds of couples continue to get married in the restaurant’s garden chapel in honor of the traditions of their culture.

Capistrano Adobe Menu:

The restaurant offers traditional Mexican dishes on its menu. You can find enchiladas, chiles rellenos, and, of course, tacos. I also found the President’s Offer on the menu, where they offer the dishes that Mr. Nixon ordered. This offer includes the chile relleno, chicken enchilada, and beef tacos. In addition, the traditional dish of rice with beans could not be missing. In general, the restaurant offers several options for meat and seafood. The Adobe de Capistrano also offers Mexican drinks. The vast majority of diners have openly recommended the restaurant’s bar. The restaurant offers drinks such as margaritas, sangria, micheladas, wines, and tequilas. The prices are pretty moderate. The restaurant is well known for providing different tequilas, from reposado to añejo. Visiting the restaurant will give you and your family a unique experience.

El Adobe de Capistrano Wedding:

Indeed, many restaurants offer their services for different events, and the Adobe de Capistrano is no exception. Weddings are one of the most well-known events celebrated at the restaurant. As mentioned before, the restaurant has a chapel in the garden. Traditional Mexican weddings are held here. It is known above all for its antique decorations and rustic furniture, in addition to the stained glass windows and ceramic floors. The whole event is reminiscent of colonial times. Which, for many people, is a way to honor their roots. For this reason, to this day, it remains a popular place for this type of event.

What is El Adobe de Capistrano known for?

The Adobe de Capistrano restaurant is recognized for its rustic beauty and service. The diners have always praised the work of the restaurant’s servers and cooks, providing specialized attention to each guest. That is why Adobe de Capistrano has been rated as one of the best restaurants for customer service.

Of course, the Capistrano Adobe also has different special offers. Other discounts are offered on important days, such as Cinco de Mayo or Father’s Day. Also, you can receive discounts if you visit a place with many people. The reason is that the more satisfied people are, the better the promotion for the restaurant is. We should not forget that the place also offers private rooms for events or work meetings.

Indeed, the restaurant offers moderately priced dishes. This is due to the preparation of its cooks and the quality of its food. Especially since the restaurant is a historical monument. Therefore, only the best service is offered. Despite this, diners say that the food and the treatment they received were excellent.

The Capistrano Adobe is truly a place worth visiting due to its prestige and history. There is no more excellent way to get to know a new culture than to return to its roots. The Adobe de Capistrano restaurant honors and defends the customs of Mexican food. Their dishes reflect tradition as well as being of excellent quality. That is why you should have this place as one of the first on your list to visit.

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