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Is Chuy’s only in Texas?

Chuy’s is a recognized Tex-Mex restaurant chain established in 1982 in Austin, Texas. Currently, the franchise has about one hundred establishments in seventeen states. Completely traditional recipes and ingredients characterize the restaurant. The commitment to traditional food has led the franchise to its current success. In addition to its well-known menu, the restaurant has a very curious decoration that has made it distinctive from the others. The restaurant has carved wooden fish hanging from the ceiling; some are Elvis shrines. The original decoration resulted from a lack of money and creativity, but it became a franchise symbol. The chain of restaurants opens from Monday to Sunday from eleven in the morning to nine at night. The decoration of the restaurant plus its food and staff have made the franchise one of the best. Visiting Chuy’s is an unforgettable experience for any of its guests.

Chuy’s Austin

Chuy’s was founded on April 16, 1982, by Mike Young and John Zapp. At first, it was an old, abandoned Texas Barbeque joint on iconic Barton Springs Road in Austin. There were seats for only sixty people, and the toilets were in terrible condition. Founders Mike Young and John Zapp had a vision for a Tex-Mex restaurant. The restaurant needed to be fun and modern, serving fresh, authentic food in an environment that appealed to everyone. Despite being a restaurant with humble beginnings, it has become one of the most important Mexican food franchises. Chuy’s locations are in different states, such as Colorado, Florida, Indiana, and Arkansas. The franchise is a worthy representation of Mexican gastronomy.

What makes Chuy’s different from other restaurants?

It’s important to mention that all dishes at Chuy’s are prepared from scratch every day in the kitchens. Restaurants stock up every day in the morning and carefully select each ingredient. All to make sure you have the freshest ingredients for your recipes. The restaurant’s famous fresh salsa and guacamole are made in small batches throughout the day. The restaurant is equipped with small freezers to ensure the food reaches the diner completely fresh. In addition, the restaurant’s commitment to quality does not stop at the food but also at the drink. Chuy’s bartenders arrive early to hand-squeeze limes for fresh-based margaritas. Sugary or powdered mixtures are not allowed on the premises; everything must be natural. The exquisite measures of the franchise in its ingredients have also been the reason for its inevitable success.


The restaurant’s typical Mexican dishes are prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients. We find tacos, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, and salads among the menu offers, and the most recognized dishes are the beef fajita burritos with ranchera sauce and its crispy tacos. They are also known as the chain’s commemorative plate, the Elvis Presley combo.

The combo contains three enchiladas, one with meat, another with chicken, and one with cheese, accompanied by their respective sauces, plus a crispy taco and homemade toast chips dipped in cheese. The dish is a tribute to the renowned singer Elvis Presley. The restaurant chain is also acclaimed for its unique homemade sauces. The sauces are prepared on the day and in small portions to ensure that it reaches the diner fresh. The sauces most promoted by the restaurant are the Hatch Green Chile Sauce and the mild tomatillo sauce. Hatch Green Chile Sauce is made with fire-roasted New Mexico green chiles and caramelized onions. Instead, the tomatillo sauce contains fresh green tomatillos with chives, cilantro, and garlic. Indeed, both sauces are a magnificent experience for the palate.

Drinks Menu

The franchise also offers a children’s menu with the same dishes but in a smaller proportion and without spicy food. In the case of drinks, there are the famous margaritas, as well as tequilas, beers, and other imported drinks.

The Chuy’s franchise offers other services, such as its renowned catering. Chuy’s also offers takeout to enjoy the Mexican flavor from home. Despite all the offers of the restaurant, it maintains pretty low prices. Chuy’s fees range from six to twelve dollar plates. This makes this restaurant an ideal place for you to share with your family and friends.


Finally, Chuy’s is one of the most distinctive Tex-Mex restaurant chains. The restaurant’s music, atmosphere, and unusual decoration have made it one of the most popular, especially the fresh and nutritious ingredients of all the dishes on the menu. Certainly, Chuy’s is a sample of the beautiful Mexican culture.

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