Carlos ‘N Charlie’s

Carlos 'N Charlie's

Carlos ‘N Charlie’s is a chain of casual Mexican restaurants, mainly located in tourist destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean. The restaurant’s menu includes Mexican and American food, seafood, pasta, soups, salads, and appetizers. The restaurant pretends to be a Mexican family restaurant, offering a children’s menu. It is characterized by its entertainment methods, people who sing loudly and out of tune and dance on chairs. The company was founded in 1963. Its requests from more than fifty restaurants make it one of the largest Mexican restaurant chains.

Carlos ‘N Charlie’s Locations

The branches of Carlos ‘N Charlie’s are based in Cancun. The chain is open every day from 10 in the morning to midnight.

What is Carlos ‘N Charlie’s?

Carlos and Charlie were two friends looking for a place to clear their worries and eat delicious food. These two friends, unable to find a spot under these conditions, decided to open their restaurant in 1963. Thanks to the sympathy of these great friends, they have managed to create restaurants with a welcoming atmosphere. Its creators’ good humor and unbridled attitude are transmitted in all the branches.

It is a family restaurant, so the atmosphere is warm and relaxed. Guests can do whatever they want: dance, sing, and more. This transforms the premises into a unique environment. Employees maintain a positive attitude and encourage diners to enjoy their night. In addition, the decoration and music of the restaurant are inspired by traditional Mexican culture. For this reason, visiting this establishment immerses you in a new world.


The restaurant’s typical Mexican dishes are prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients. We find tacos, enchiladas, chilaquiles, and quesadillas among the menu items offered. In addition to its festive atmosphere, the entire menu is inspired by Mexican food. They also provide a comprehensive list of meat and seafood dishes. They are recognized as family restaurants with a children’s menu. On the children’s menu, they offer almost the same variety of dishes, but in smaller proportions and without any spice. The restaurant is also recognized for its exquisite breakfasts. In addition to being nutritious, they are almost all traditional, such as eggs, rancheros, or quesadillas.

Of course, an extensive drinks menu could not be missing in a festive atmosphere. Among the drinks are margaritas, tequila, and sangria, among others. Indeed, the beers that diners enjoy the most since few establishments offer draft beer. To close the menu, we have desserts that vary from traditional to American. They offer all kinds of crepes, ice cream, flans, and cakes for dessert.

How much does it cost to go to Carlos ‘N Charlie’s?

Like other restaurant chains, Carlos ‘N Charlie’s offers various promotions and discounts. The restaurant is family-owned, so tables reserved for many people receive discounts. Above all, there are reasonable offers for the little ones. The restaurant’s best-known promotions and discounts are for its breakfasts, and the prices of Carlos ‘N Charlie’s family restaurant are pretty low. The cost of the dishes varies from four to ten dollars, the most expensive being eighteen dollars. Despite their low prices, their dishes and service quality are excellent.

Like many restaurants, for you to make a reservation at Carlos ‘N Charlie’s, you must access their website. On the page, they require data such as names, phone numbers, or email addresses, and after writing the personal data, you must specify the date, time, and several guests. In addition, the page also assigns an additional tab to clarify if it is an event such as birthdays or private events.

Indeed, the main reasons for the success of the Carlos ‘N Charlie’s franchise are humor and the unique experience that the diner receives. They are not your typical restaurant where people dine for appearances and don’t enjoy the food. Carlos ‘N Charlie’s is a place for family fun. Food is truly appreciated when you are relaxed and surrounded by your loved ones. Music and entertainment are also a part of the dinner hour. Mexican culture is recognized for being happy and unpredictable in the same way as its gastronomy.


Finally, if you want an incomparable experience, Carlos ‘N Charlie’s restaurant is the best option. As you enter this restaurant, you will immerse yourself in the Mexican culture. Above all, you will enjoy the gastronomy of this country in a unique and fun way. Indeed, not all people want this type of atmosphere at dinner time. People are different, and we must respect every taste. You will never feel such a positive environment at dinner as in this restaurant.

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