Boca Grande Taqueria

Boca Grande Taqueria

Boca Grande Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant that specializes in Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is known for having a collection of extraordinary recipes that have earned a place in the world of Mexican food. There are currently two locations: Boca Grande Taquería Brookline and Boca Grande Taquería Cambridge. Its popularity stems primarily from its bright, festive, and vibrant decorations. The place is an excellent tribute to Mexican culture. Aside from the restaurant’s positive vibes, its employees are friendly and considerate of customers. It is a worthy place to represent the culinary art of Mexico.

Why choose Boca Grande Mexican food?

Unhealthy or processed ingredients are not used at the Boca Grande Taquería restaurant. Hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, preservatives, or enhancers are prohibited. More processed, frozen, or canned foods are introduced daily, influencing diners’ nutrition and palate. These processed foods cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. For that reason, the restaurant decided to eliminate all products that were not fresh and healthy. Every day, fresh meats, vegetables, and seafood are delivered to the restaurants. They also try to contribute to the environment’s well-being by promoting vegetarian food. However, the true objective of restaurants is to provide the customer with a balance between satisfaction and nutrition.

Boca Grande Taqueria was founded in 1986 by Mariko Kamio. The restaurant was inspired by Gordo’s Taqueria, a successful San Francisco restaurant owned by Mariko’s cousin. It is one of the very symbolic restaurants in Boston, with great competitors such as Anna’s Taqueria or Felipe’s.

Boca Grande Tacos Menu:

On the restaurant’s menu, you can find classic Mexican dishes. Menu options include enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, and tacos. In addition, you’ll find vegan options such as grilled vegetables, tofu, or traditional rice and beans. Something important to mention is that the menu gives you the option of adding hot sauce. In addition, there are also gluten-free dishes. Of course, being a Mexican restaurant, it also offers various meat and chicken dishes. The most recommended by diners are the house specials: tamales, tostadas, tacos, and pozole. In the beverage options, they offer Jarritos or imported beverages. They also offer classic alcoholic drinks such as margaritas, mojitos, and micheladas.

They also provide additional sauces such as long sauce or guacamole. A significant detail of the menu is that they ask people to specify if they are allergic to any food at the end. Customers appreciate this detail because it shows the importance the establishment gives to its guests.

Boca Grande Taqueria Catering.

The restaurant, unlike other small businesses, offers a catering service. This option is recommended for small events such as parties, meetings, or birthdays. In the catering service, the same dishes on the menu are offered but modified for the quantities. The best that the catering offers are the vegetarian options, one of the most well-liked dishes among vegetarians. The catering and menu of the Boca Grande taqueria have shown that Mexican food can also be vegetarian.

What makes our Mexican taqueria different?

The Boca Grande Taqueria Mexican restaurant is also renowned for its excellent service. The employees are very dedicated and attentive towards the diners, even though they work long hours. The place has colorful and old decorations, which transmit a cozy atmosphere. Most of the comments from clients mention that they would return not only for the food but also for the attention. It is essential to say that it is a place that does not specialize in fast food and that it takes time to prepare the ingredients. In addition, the prices of the premises are pretty ideal for the preparation and attention that each of the dishes receives. Therefore, this restaurant is your best option if you want to enjoy an evening with good Mexican food.


Finally, affirm that Mexican food is not the preference of all people. Despite this, their recipes are delicious and considered among the best in the world. For that reason, its diversity and international expansion. The Boca Grande Taqueria restaurant has also demonstrated that Mexican food is not just meat. Various Mexican recipes have only vegetables, in addition to having all the nutritional components. This is mainly due to an essential ingredient in the beans containing nine amino acids, making it a complete protein. If you decide to enjoy your palate and try new flavors, you can broaden your culinary perspective. Mexican food is nutritious, traditional, and healthy.

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