Baker’s Drive-Thru

Baker's Drive-Thru

Baker’s Drive-Thru is a chain of fast food restaurants located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California. Baker’s Drive-Thru hours: The restaurant chain is open every day from six mornings to midnight. The new menu features a selection of dishes such as burgers, fries, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, coffees, and shakes. It is known for being one of the oldest fast food chains. The chain currently has 38 locations in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Is Baker’s Drive-Thru drive-thru good?

Carol Baker and her husband, Neal, opened the first Baker’s Drive-Thru restaurant in 1952. The chain was inspired by the success of McDonald’s. Three years later, Baker added Mexican food to the menu. In one window, they sold hamburgers, and in another, Mexican food. This method was called “twin kitchen.” In 1995, it began to add a vegetarian menu, and in February 2013, the restaurant expanded that to all its locations. Therefore, it is one of the chains of Mexican food with more history and variety.

Baker’s Drive-Thru Menu

What kind of food do bakers Drive Thru have? The chain, as mentioned before, offers American and Mexican dishes. On the American menu, we can find hamburgers or sandwiches. Among the Mexican food options, we see typical recipes such as burritos, quesadillas, and tacos. The restaurant is recognized for its excellent breakfasts that mix both culinary cultures. In addition, the chain offers a twin package that consists of a hamburger, a taco, fries, and a drink. This option is perfect for mixing the two worlds.

Baker’s Drive-Thru nutrition consists primarily of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates but is notable for its vegetarian options. Soybeans and beans are used as sources of protein for the vegetarian options on the menu. The recipe remains the same, but for the hamburgers, they use soy meat, and for the tacos or burritos, they use beans. This menu variety is applauded by most customers because, in addition to being vegetarian, it is delicious. You cannot fail to mention the chain’s famous milkshakes. Most customers don’t walk into a Baker’s Drive-Thru restaurant without ordering one of their excellent shakes. The shakes come in different flavors, but the most recommended is the Oreo cookie shake. They also offer hot and cold coffee drinks, such as granny chocolate, latte, or cappuccino.

Baker’s app

Customers have highly acclaimed the Baker’s Drive-Thru app. The app allows you to claim points for free food and drinks. Also, only through the application can you get notifications of special offers. By registering, you already have a discount of five dollars on your next purchase. The app also works for you to order ahead or have it delivered. It is undoubtedly a much more convenient option for those who want to try the chain’s recipes from home.

Of course, since Baker’s Drive-Thru near me is a fast food chain, its prices are low. Both the vegetarian and Mexican menus are relatively reasonably priced. Menu prices range from four to fifteen dollars. In addition to its reasonable prices, we should not forget its many offers and discounts. Mainly thanks to the application of the chain mentioned above.

San Bernardino CA

It is essential to mention the Baker’s Drive-Thru chain’s work in the community. Over the years, the chain has been involved in many philanthropic causes. One of the most recognized was raising 3 million dollars for Easterseals of Southern California. Its founder’s favorite charity, plus the annual Safe Halloween Coupon Book campaign. Baker’s has also supported the Children’s Fund, high school sports programs that help many local colleges. In 2006, the chain donated a parcel of San Bernardino land. It was given to the county with the instruction that it was to be used to benefit the community. In addition, it has helped many education programs through public libraries or other services. For this reason, the chain is one of the most loved and respected in its community.

Unlike other chains, Baker’s Drive-Thru has its mini market. T-shirts, hats, socks, and even masks are sold in this market. People find this variety fun and interesting. It has also worked to promote the chain thanks to its most regular customers.


Finally, let me mention that Mexican food is some of the most delicious and famous in the world. As you delve into Mexican food, you will immediately become addicted. The traditional recipes of this culture are spectacular. Not to mention that it is an excellent option to broaden your palate if you are a vegetarian. You only have to take the first step to enjoy a new culinary world.

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