Bajio Mexican Restaurant

Who is El Bajio Mexican restaurant?

El Bajio Mexican restaurant is a group of 18 restaurants in Mexico City that Carmen Ramírez Degollado runs. The restaurant specializes in traditional Mexican food. The establishments are renowned for their colorful décor and conventional cooking methods, and their menu recipes have received awards and accolades from leading culinary experts.

Bajio Mexican Restaurant

What are the hours of El Bajio Mexican restaurant Cedar Rapids?

The restaurant is normally open from 9 am to 10 pm but may vary by location and it is also known for its excellent breakfasts with fresh and healthy ingredients. The restaurant franchise is one of the most popular not only for its food but also for its service. El Bajio offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience to any of its guests.

History of El Bajío restaurant

The Bajio business began in 1972 when Carmen’s husband, named: Raúl Ramírez Degollado bought a restaurant. The restaurant sold carnitas in the northwestern district of Azcapotzalco, and four years later, Raul died, and his wife Carmen took over the business, expanding the plates and adding waiters. The restaurant was so successful that in 2006 he was able to open a second location in the city center. Since then, the chain has grown to eighteen locations serving some 120,000 diners a month. Carmen has become a famous chef in her own right, adding classes and demonstrations worldwide. In addition to writing about 20 books.

Currently, the chain is one of the most beloved and visited in all of Mexico City.

The branches of El Bajío are characterized by the colorful decoration that is based on fine examples of Mexican handicrafts and folk art. The decoration is because the owner and head chef, Carmen Hernández, is an avid collector. In addition, the restaurants are decorated for the main festivities in Mexico, such as the feast of the Day of the Dead and the Virgin of Guadalupe. The eighteen locations employ at least 1,500 workers. The chain has excellent service and always leaves a mark of appreciation on all its guests.

El Bajío Menu

Traditional Mexican recipes characterize El Bajio’s menu. All the ingredients of their dishes are chosen to be of excellent quality. Among the dishes on the menu, we find soups, rice dishes, meats, salads, and enchiladas. The most popular dishes are the famous carnitas and green ceviche. The carnitas consists of nothing more than pork but the preparation method is Michoacán style. 

On the other hand, the green ceviche contains traditional ingredients such as fish, tomato, onion, green chili, cilantro, and avocado. They also offers a children’s menu that is not very extensive but has the same quality as the main menu. Among the desserts on the menu are traditional ones such as flan, rice pudding, or corn cake to sophisticated ones such as lemon pie. The characteristic dessert of the restaurant is gorditas with piloncillo and anise. The gorditas with piloncillo and anise are a traditional recipe that can be seen in very few restaurants worldwide. As for drinks, they offer a variety of cocktails, tequilas, rums, and vodkas, among others. They also offer imported drinks.


El Bajio offers takeout as well as other services such as banquets. For you to access these services, you need the restaurant’s application or access to its website. The establishment’s application, in addition to offering the takeaway service, also notifies you of the restaurant’s promotions. In addition, people who download the application will receive a discount of two hundred pesos on their first order. As for the banquet service, it only requires some personal data from you and the location of the event. The menu of this service is extensive and recommended for both large and small events. In addition to the food, the service offers utensils such as plates, cutlery, trays, and even employees for the event.

Although the service is complete, it maintains low prices since it aims to reach all types of the public. The restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best for turning any event into an unforgettable experience.


Finally, note that El Bajio is today one of the most popular and essential restaurants in Mexico City. The excellent quality of the ingredients and its exquisite traditional recipes have helped the restaurant make a recognized name in the world of Mexican cuisine. The restaurant understands the importance of history and its roots, making it a worthy representation of Mexican food.

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