8 Most Popular Mexican Drinks

What are the 8 most popular Mexican drinks?

Let’s find out about the 8 most popular Mexican drinks. Mexican drinks are an essential representation of the gastronomy of this country. Certainly, there is nothing better than a refreshing drink after a hot day or a warm one in the cold winter.

People consume more than a liter and a half of water daily, so beverages are essential to the diet. The variety of drinks in the world is overwhelming and can be complicated to make. Mexican drink recipes are easy to make as well as delicious. For that reason, we explain below the 8 most popular Mexican drinks.

What drink goes best with Mexican?

1- Mexican hot chocolate:

Mexican hot chocolate
8 most popular Mexican drinks

Mexican chocolate is a rich and spaced concoction and very popular with the natives. It is prepared the same way as most chocolates, but they use unsweetened Dutch cocoa. People usually add sugar, but in Mexico, it ends with a dollop of whipped cream sweetened with cinnamon. In addition to Mexican chocolate, add half a teaspoon of chile de Arbol or cayenne pepper. The recipe preparation is simple, with only ten minutes of cooking. Hot chocolate is also cheap, appreciated by children, and ideal for cold seasons.

2- Mexican coffee: 8 Most Popular Mexican Drinks

Mexican coffee

Of course, Mexican coffee could not be missing from the popular drinks. The coffee is robust, and the infusion has tequila and Kahlúa that sweeten it. Some people even choose to add vanilla ice cream to tone down the drink. This makes coffee a creamy and sweet drink that can even be considered a dessert. It is essential to mention that this recipe is prepared with half the concentration of regular coffee. The concentration of the coffee must decrease so that it resists the alcohol it contains. It is an ideal dish as a dessert or breakfast accompanied by some good churros. The preparation is simple and does not usually last more than ten minutes.

3- Mango and fresh lime water (Mango-Lime Agua Fresca) – 8 Most Popular Mexican Drinks

Mango and fresh lime water, MANGO-LIME AGUA FRESCA

Agua Fresca is commonly sold in Mexico by street vendors. Of course, in such a hot country, drinks could not be missing to quench the thirst of the hot sun. The fresh waters contain fruits, seeds, flowers, and cereals. The drinks are then mixed with water, sugar, or agave nectar. One of the most popular flavors is mango with lime, both refreshing and with the necessary electrolytes for the body. You can add tonic water or tequila to freshwater to give it a sparkling and unique touch. Certainly, freshwater is one of the most representative drinks of Mexico. The recipe is easy to prepare, economical and ideal for hot days.


Horchata,  8 most popular mexican drinks

Horchata is an ultra-refreshing, cinnamon-infused rice drink that is well-known worldwide. Although it looks like a creamy drink, it does not contain any milk. There are different versions of the recipe; some require almonds or cinnamon. Other recipes call for lime zest instead. It is generally a drink for any age but can be made into an adult drink by adding rum or vodka. Malibu rum, vanilla vodka, or Kahlúa is preferably added to the mix. It is a quick drink to prepare but requires hours of rest. Despite this, it is a versatile and unique drink worth trying at least once.

5- Michelada:

Michelada,  8 most popular mexican drinks

One could not fail to mention micheladas among all the famous Mexican drinks. Nothing spells a vacation in Mexico like a morning Michelada by the pool. The drink is refreshing and less heavy than a Bloody Mary, even though they look alike. What lights up the Michelada is the enthusiasm of the beer as well as the spiciness of Tabasco. It is an easy drink to prepare in just five minutes. One of the significant advantages is that the micheladas can be easily doubled or tripled.

6- Bloody Mary:

Bloody Mary,  8 most popular mexican drinks

The Bloody Mary drink is known to be a famous hangover relief cocktail. The cocktail is an alternative to the Bloody Mary with similar flavors but replaces vodka with tequila. Most people like to add garnishes like beef sticks, cheese, jalapeños, or celery sticks. This icy drink is a relief to any headache. In addition, its preparation is simple; it does not usually take more than ten minutes. It is advisable to stir it before serving it constantly.

7- Sangrita:

Sangrita,  8 most popular mexican drinks

The Sangrita is a spicy, tasty, citrusy drink and unusual. The cocktail mixes cucumber puree, ancho chili, orange, tomato, lime juice, and a dash of Worcestershire. The Sangrita is meant to be drunk between sips of tequila. Indeed, the mixture is unexpected, and although it seems improbable, it is very delicious. People end up loving this cocktail and making it one of their staples. It is an ideal drink to surprise friends and family. In addition to easy preparation with a duration of ten minutes, that needs to cool.

8- Watermelon and Lime Margaritas:

Watermelon and Lime Margaritas, 8 most popular mexican drinks

Margaritas are the most recognized Mexican drink worldwide. There is no Mexican gastronomy establishment that does not offer this drink as part of its menu. Watermelon lime margaritas are a relief from the infernal summer heat. The sweetness of watermelon plus the refreshing lime would replace anyone’s favorite drink. The budget may be considered an issue for the Grand Marnier, but you can substitute orange liqueur. Margaritas have become a symbol of Mexican gastronomy. They are also easy to prepare and do not require more than ten minutes. It certainly is a refreshing and fun drink.


Finally, it should be noted that there is a wide variety of popular drinks in Mexico, but these are the most outstanding. Mexico is a colorful country with wide gastronomy, and its cocktails are world-renowned. Beverages are part of the essential diet of all people. For that reason, it is necessary to expand the knowledge and perspective. If you want to get out of the daily monotony of your palate, a good option is to start preparing new cocktails.

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